Cherished Radiators

Cherished Radiators

With the variety offered by Cherished radiators and Cherished towel rail collection, Trade Plumbing brings you all the quality and versatility you could wish from one of the premier names in bathroom plumbing and furnishing. Combine the two with a Cherished heated towel rail or a Cherished heated towel rail and radiator combi. Whatever your needs or dimensions of your bathroom, we're confident our knowledgable staff can offer you exactly what you need to add a little comfort, style and warmth to your home.

The Cherished range is constructed from durable chrome steel, brass and other high grade components. Many of the models come with a five year guarantee, confirming that you're equipment won't let you down.

A towel rail can be a valuable addition to your home. Even more so, a heated model is not only luxurious but also practical. Many are enough to heat smaller bathrooms, and too often radiators are used to hang towels which is heat inefficient and ungainly. If you have a larger bathroom, a radiator and towel rail combi will be a valuable addition to the room. Your towels will dry and the room will stay snug all year round.

The Cherished Radiator Collection

The variety of models in the Cherished collection reflects the way every bathroom differs and economy of space is often paramount. Choose a corner rail, a rail that fits close to the wall or one with multiple rails to maximise the efficiency of your bathroom. Perhaps something higher up on the wall, or a free standing model would suit you best?

The versatility and variety of the Cherished collection is one of the factors that has put it at the forefront of the luxury bathroom heating market. A keen eye for the latest trends also mean that every range that Cherished release pays mind to the cutting edge style and design most popular in homes around the world. Invest in quality at trade prices to put a little bit of extra comfort and luxury in your bathroom.