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Baths and combined tub/showers are a practical and heavily used part of almost every bathroom, but they can also be a beautiful design feature and a place for privacy and relaxation. With the popularity of luxurious modern bath products, you can spend your time soaking in the bathtub with a book, or just with your thoughts. A decrepit tub that is not comfortable to lay down in or nice to look at will not be used for anything but showers. However, a new tub designed for bathing can bring new life to an old bathroom.

On these pages, you can find a modern acrylic bathtub to fit any bathroom, a shower bath that keeps water in the tub where it belongs, a free standing bathtub that’s the ultimate in style and comfort, or a traditional tub. We also have a selection of panels for the sides of tubs that require mounting, bath screens for tubs that will also be used as showers, and other accessories.

Modern Acrylic Baths

These tubs are intended to be supported by a rectangular framework with panels mounted on one or more of the sides. They are an economical and practical choice, and are available in a variety of sizes to fit your bathroom. Some are specially shaped for comfortable bathing, and some have grab bars for safer use and easier mobility.

Shower Baths

These tubs are equipped with a wider area up front, complete with a curved glass screen - perfect for showering. They are equally as well designed for bathing. Using these bathtubs for bathing or showering is a comfortable and pleasurable experience.

Bath Tubs and Free Standing Baths

These categories have free-standing tubs, both pedestal-based and with traditional claw or more modern feet. The loveliest slipper tubs are also here, ready for you to rest your head in a beautifully scented bath. These tubs are available in both acrylic and in more traditional aluminium and porcelain. Any of them would make a stylish addition to a good-sized bathroom. These tubs are for people with an elegant sense of style; people who take their bathing seriously.

You'll also find panels designed to be used in bath surrounds for modern acrylic tubs, and screens to make any bath tub into a shower bath. Other bath accessories are in the 'Buy A Bath Tub' section. Don't forget to buy taps and drain accessories for your new tub. The new combined taps make it possible to pour the bath while in the tub without contact with freezing and scalding water.

Whatever type of bath tub you’re looking for, you will find one here that will make bathing a truly relaxing and restorative experience.


The quickest and easiest way to make the smallest of bathrooms into a luxurious modern suite is to update the bath. Nowadays there are a number of different size baths to choose from ranging from small deep ones to long lounging luxurious ones. Finding the right bath to suit your needs is easy, there are a number of acrylic baths to choose from some with side grips to help you get in and out with ease and others without them. They can be square or "p" shaped, depending on the space available and your preference; there is a modern bath for everyone.

If a fitted bathroom suite is not what you are looking for then there are the luscious free standing baths, with roll tops and side taps. These again come in a variety of shapes not just oval but square. Designed with luxury in mind these are the ultimate designer baths.

Why not combine the shower with the bath and have a fantastic "p" shaped bath allowing you room to shower at one end and relax at the other.

It is not only the shape and size of the bath that has to be taken into consideration, there are also the accessories that come with the suite, such as the taps and plug. There is also the finish of the side panels to take into consideration. These have to be in keeping with the design of the bath and the room but unique and not boring. Choosing the right side panel can make a great bath stand out and become a fantastic bath.