Baths Quality Standard Fitment

Baths Quality Standard Fitment

Acrylic baths

An acrylic bath is a good option for a modern bathroom. One of their best points is their excellent thermal retention - not only do they feel warm to the touch, acrylic baths hold the heat of the water for a good period of time, allowing you to relax and not be forced out by rapidly-cooling water.

These modern baths come in a variety of styles and sizes, so even the tallest person can find one that they will be comfortable in. A plastic bath is lightweight but strong, making it a good choice for family bathrooms where it will need to stand up to repeated use.

The smoothness of an acrylic bath also makes it simple to keep clean. There are no cracks, ridges or pores for dirt to hide in, which makes cleaning them an easy task, not requiring any special cleaning liquids or hours of work.

A plastic bath like this also offers you flexibility in installation. You're free to choose where you want to place your tap holes, which means they can be located wherever you wish, and modern baths like this can even be used with wall-mounted taps.

Because of their lightness and flexibility, installing acrylic baths is relatively simple, especially if the plumbing works are already in place. You may require a special tool if you have to cut tap holes, but if you employ a professional to install your acrylic bath for you, they'll have the proper equipment and will be able to do it quickly and simply.

Buying Acrylic baths

Acrylic baths ensure outstanding thermal properties; they keep in heat and are warm to the touch. Every one of our acrylic baths are fibreglass reinforced for stiffness and quality. If you don’t want to have a cold bath to touch we recommend an Acrylic bath to be used in your bathroom.

Besides being warm to the touch, an acrylic bath has a silky-smooth finish which is comfortable on the skin and is a dream to keep clean. A more porous finish would collect scale, dirt and bacteria, which is why our baths are smooth.

An acrylic bath is a standard installation in a family bathroom.  This is because acrylic is a lightweight, but tough material designed to cope with the demand of a busy bathroom.  In the unlikely event that a member of your family does manage to drop a heavy glass or metal object in your acrylic bath and chip or scratch it, then there are repair kits available so you can invisibly fix the scar.

All our acrylic baths come without tap holes pre-drilled, allowing you to make the decision as to whether to have taps installed on the bath, or coming from the wall. All good bathroom fitters have the correct tool to drill the holes to the correct size for your taps.