Types of Boilers in UK

Types of Boilers- Which one to Buy?

System Boiler, Combi Boilers, Conventional Boilers-Wondering which types of boilers work the best? Which one is less risky to invest in? Which one to buy for a long-term water heating solution? Multiple such questions may arise in your mind when going for any big purchase. And when it is a boiler you are considering buying in the UK, a big amount of technical questions will cloud your mind and thus, Trade Plumbing comes with a quick boiler guide to clear the confusions, helping you make informed decisions. Without wasting a moment, let’s dig deeper into the ‘boiler guide’.

Before we proceed, you might want to know the definitions of various types of boilers. Here they are:


A Combi Boiler (Combination Boiler) operates on gas or fuel without needing to invest in a hot water cylinder or water tank in the loft. These are the most common and efficient types of boilers around the UK. 

Function: Provides both the water heating and central heating boiler in one unit. Combi boilers work by heating water directly for the mains supply, thus, no hot water cylinder or hot water tank is needed with this type of boiler

Ideal for: Small spaces as they don’t require many adjacent products to complete a heating or water supply system and are available in very compact units - perfect for smaller properties. A Combi boiler is a good option for homes where hot water usage is normal- not ideal for homes that need hot water in more than one place at a time.

Caution: The installation of a combi boiler is not as simple as other b

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