4 Key Differences between Stainless Steel and Chrome Towel Rails


The heating and plumbing market in UK is brimming with best suppliers that stock and deliver quality products. Radiators and heated towel rails are one of the most sought-after and widely used products when it comes to heating homes and offices. When investing in a good heating system, informed decisions lead you to buying great value products. This blog takes you to a journey of quick analysis between stainless steel and chrome towel rails, to help you choose what actually is the best-fit for YOU!

Fast-forward... Stainless Steel Towel Rails win over every other type of towel rail. It is highly probable that you have heard this many times from plumbers and designers. Wondering where the drawing line exists between these? Let’s figure out.

stainless steel towel rail
                                                                                            STAINLESS STEEL TOWEL RAIL

There is a very thin line differentiating a stainless steel towel radiator from a chrome towel rail as both have many common properties. Here, we’re about to dive into a bit of complex bits of info. 

What’s Stainless Steel? It is an alloy, basically a combination of nickel, iron, chromium, silicon and other metals in a specific proportion. Stainless steel 304 (18% chromium) and 316 (16% chromium) are the two most common types of grades used in manufacturing a variety of products.         

What is chrome? Chrome is an external plating/coating on an already-manufactured surface. The purpose of the chrome layer is to increase the corrosive-resistant property of the towel rail JUST through an external barrier (No action from inside unlike stainless steel). Chromium is an essential ingredient for a stainless steel towel rail; it is added in the manufacturing of the product as an essential constituent, rather than just an outer coating. Having said that, let’s unfold some more nitty-gritties associated with the question : what’s the best material for a good heated towel rail?

Interesting question. Both the discussed materials (stainless steel towel rail and chrome towel rail) have some benefits as well as some disadvantages.


Features to Look for in Towel Rails!


Durability: Durability is the first aspect that every buyer seeks in a product he/she is examining. Obviously, you won’t want to replace or repair some recently installed items off and on. Comparing the two materials for towel radiators, a stainless steel promises more durability and longevity unlike chrome-plated towel rails. The reason being the loss of chromium plating layers with time and exposure to heat.

steel towel rail
                                          CHROME STEELTOWEL RAIL

Heat Conductivity
: Comparing different types of radiator materials reveals that stainless steel towel rails are far more (around 15% than chrome) better in conducting heat. It wins another point over chrome towel rails delivering more efficiency than any other standard towel rail.

Cost: Price-Tags of products differ as the quality varies. A comparative analysis of prices of both towel rails in the subject, conclude that chrome towel warmers take a leap over stainless steel radiators. But again, if analysed on a broader spectrum, you’ll see stainless steel towel rails keep on giving out heat for longer, leading to real savings and hence, a cheaper long-term purchase.

Corrosion-resistant Property: While there may exist a big list of options of heated towel rails for you, the best one will keep you away from the hassle of repair and maintenance. A towel rail in a central heating system that is in contact with water for a longer period. This drags you to browse and pick an option with high corrosion-resistant affinity and lowest probability of being rust-prone. A stainless steel towel warmer is better at this, than chrome towel rail. This is why these come with a guarantee period going up to 25 years.

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The conclusion of the above discussion is not a definite one. It depends upon the buyers what features they want in the towel rail they are seeking. We have it all. And, that too on BIG DISCOUNTS. Still in confusion? Don’t wait, Dive in!