At, we understand that it’s not just large, luxury radiators which are required by our customers. Therefore, we supply an excellent range of compact and smaller radiators which are ideal for smaller bedrooms, bathrooms, cloakrooms and other rooms in the home. Wherever wall space is limited, these radiators provide excellent heating performance, alongside an attractive design. Great advances in radiator technology, now sees smaller radiators using convector and column technology to provide massive heat output compared to their relatively small size.

In this post, we look through some of our heating solutions for smaller rooms in the home, showcasing some of our personal favourite, and most popular products.

Vertical Radiators

Although these radiators can hardly be described as ‘compact’ their vertical design takes up wall space horizontally, unlike horizontal radiators. The result is a large, and attractive radiator that can fit into small spaces and rooms, providing an excellent design feature - as well as heating option. At, we source, design and manufacture an excellent range of Vertical Radiators, all of which can be found on our website.

Available in a wide range of finishes and styles, one of our favourite types is Stainless Steel Vertical Radiators - providing a classic, yet contemporary look. This type of radiator can be seen below, in a kitchen space which would not hold a horizontal radiator.

Compact Convector Radiators

Convector Radiators are another example of a heating product which produces a massive heat output, compared to a small size. Convector Radiators work by drawing in cool air from the bottom of the radiator, up through the radiator - passing through fins and leaving the top of the radiator as warm air - very quickly warming the room in which the radiator is placed in.

Compact Column radiators

Column Radiators provide an incredibly high heat output for their size, making them perfect for heating a smaller room in the home, and perfect for making smaller bedrooms extra cosy. This compact range of column radiators fit easily into almost any space. Kartell manufacture some of our favourite compact column radiators, one of which can be seen below:

Space Saving Radiators from

All of the Radiators which you can find in the above article are ideal for smaller rooms in the home, taking up minimum of space - whilst using the latest technology to deliver excellent heat outputs. All of these radiators have been designed using advanced processes, meaning they look fantastic in the field, for years. You can view the full range here.