Today, there are almost an infinite choice of finishes and materials for towel rails - a range of colours, metals are available - often leaving the more traditional choices such as Chrome - a little overshadowed on the ‘impact’ front. Don’t think that Chrome Towel Rails have been left behind however, more than ever - Chrome Towel Rails are available in a stunning range of designs - providing effective heating whilst looking fantastic.

What is Chrome?

Chrome Towel Rails are always Chrome Plated - the structure of the towel rail is usually made from steel or aluminium. A thin layer of chrome is laid over the towel rail, providing a stunning finish whilst protecting the towel rail from corrosion.

Does Performance Differ?

We sometimes get asked by customers if chrome towel rails perform as well as other types of towel rails - and the answer is yes! Chrome does not prohibit towel rail function at all.

Favourites & Best Sellers

Below, we list some of our personal favourite Designer Chrome Towel Rails - all of which have been discounted thanks to the hard work of our purchasing teams.

Rads 2 Rails Hyde Chrome Flat Steel Towel Rail

Available in a number of different sizes, Rads 2 Rails brings together a long lasting, classic style with reliability. Adding a touch of glamour into any bathroom - easy to clean, the chrome finish looks stunning, and is easy to clean.

Lazzarini Pisa Chrome Designer Towel Rail

This stunning Designer Towel Rail speaks for itself, it’s perfectly matched to all styles of contemporary and modern bathrooms.

Lazzarini Breno Chrome Designer Towel Rail

This small towel rail, is sleek and minimalist - it features a single horizontal bar across a square frame. It’s unique design has been carefully constructed with high quality steel, coated with chrome. It adds a contemporary twist to bathrooms large and small.

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