At, Corner Baths are some of our personal favourite products to supply to our customers, and use ourselves. Adding a touch of luxury, as well as space saving and functionality into a bathroom - corner baths do not need long walls to be used, and can be tucked into a corner - where previously space was just wasted.

These corner baths provide generous bathing space, clean smooth curved lines which provides a stylish, yet indulgence bathing option - many of which also include a seat moulded into the design for even more practicality.

Typically, Corner Baths do take up more floor space than traditional baths - but because of their shape, this can work to an advantage in smaller bathrooms. Below, we run through some of our personal favorite corner baths, as well as guiding you through some of the different types of corner bath available within the range.

Corner Shower Baths

Corner Shower Baths combine the ultimate in functionality and space saving, with the same high quality levels of design and bathing experience that a standard corner bath provides alongside the convenience on having a shower located above the bath. Constructed from high grade acrylic, these corner shower baths are a great addition to any bathroom.

Designer Corner Baths

As well as a range of standard corner baths, we also supply corner baths which are a little bit more special. This Spa Corner Bath from Phoenix for example looks absolutely brilliant, featuring a tapered design. This design is absolutely perfect for modern and contemporary bathroom styles.

Corner Spa Baths

A Corner Spa Bath combines all of the luxury of a spa bath, with the space & comfort of using a corner bath - the ultimate luxury bath for any style of bathroom, the range of spa baths that we supply all have elegant design features, as well as reliable and high-performance jet systems which provide excellent, and reliable performance.