At, we supply a massive range of Radiators online. This collection of radiators spans 1000’s of products - which include a wide range of entry level, and designer radiators - in a range of sizes and finishes.

In recent years, we are increasingly expanding our range of designer radiators - these radiators are designed to provide a stunning addition to your home, whilst providing an excellent heating solution. Below, we run through some of our personal favourite Designer Radiators - which are suitable for all budgets.

Designer Vertical Radiator

Vertical Radiators provide excellent space saving solution - taking up very little in the way of horizontal wall space. Popular choices in both kitchens and bathrooms, these radiators look fantastic - and are available in a wide range of finishes.

One of the most unique finishes of these Designer Vertical Radiator is Raw Metal. The Eastgate Lazarus is our pick of the bunch, which boasts a beautiful Raw Metal Lacquered Finish - and arrives with a five year guarantee.

Designer Horizontal Radiator

Horizontal Radiators are the most common choice for most homes, and are often the easiest choice for those looking to refit and replace their radiators. One of our favourite, and best value horizontal radiators, comes from Reina and is their slimline model. This radiator features a neat and contemporary design, built from high grade steel - it’s designed to last the test of time.

Designer Focal Point Radiator

If you are looking to create a stunning focal point in your interior, you could do alot worse than choosing one of the more expensive designer radiators within our collection. The carisa Tria Brushed Stainless Steel Radiator for example, looks absolutely incredibly in modern interiors - arriving with an equally impressive 25 year guarantee.

Electric Designer Radiator

Don’t think that Designer Radiators are just limited to central heating radiators either, we stock and supply a large range of electric designer radiators. One of the most impressive in our opinion is this Red Electric Radiator from Rointe. It combines stunning design, bold colours, with efficiency and high levels of control.

Designer Anthracite Radiator

It’s not just the design of these radiators which has evolved in recent years - the number of finishes and colours has also expanded massively. One of our favourites, from the ‘new breed’ of finishes is Anthracite. This finish is showcased brilliantly on the Reina Neva Radiator - which is available at a staggering £84.35.

Designer Radiators from

You can view our full range of Designer Radiators, here - just get in touch if you have any questions about the range.