Heating & Plumbing

Central Heating

Central heating systems are getting quite popular world-wide mainly due to their cost-effectiveness and flexibility. These systems do away with the need for the individual heaters at different parts of the house as they enable heat to be generated at one central location and then circulated throughout the household, making almost all parts of the home usable. Though the initial investments for centralised heating are quite high, the costs are recoverable in the long run by adopting eco-friendly heating techniques as well as in-built controls that enable home owners to put the system to optimal and efficient usage. There are, however, several different centralised heating systems to choose from depending on one’s space, health and budget requirements. 

Heating Boiler

Central heating is usually implemented using heating boilers than can run on several fuels. A wide range of boilers from reputed brands such as Alpha, Ariston, Baxi, Biasi, Chaffoteaux Maury, Sabre HE, Saunier Duval and Trianco Activeair are widely available. A boiler is best installed with help from Gas Safe or CORGI-registered boiler installation professionals to ensure safe and smooth operations.

An eco-friendly heating system based on solar energy help to reduce the carbon footprint from improper heating. Adopting sustainable energy options over a long term period is sure to impact electricity and gas bills, while also allowing the user to avail any green energy incentives that are available in their region. Boilers can be operated on gas, electricity, biogas, solar energy, heating oil, solid fuels such as coal and fuel pellets or a combination of energy sources as required.

Heat Circulation

While costs associated with heat generation are controllable by the choice of the equipment and fuel, the efficiency of the heating process relies entirely on how well heat is distributed within the home. Heat distribution is achieved either by circulating hot water through a pipe network across the house or by forcing hot air through ducts. This network that is built using appropriate motor valves, pumps, pressure gauges, timers, thermometers and thermostats ensures that the entire system can be automatically controlled to achieve uniform temperatures across the entire home. Hydroponic or water-based heating systems ensure steady heat levels when compared to other heaters.

Radiator controls, thermostats and timers help monitor, control and even switch off heating in different parts of the home, when the space is not in use, thereby contributing to both energy and financial savings. Thermostats ensure that the heating system automatically shuts down once a set temperature is reached.


Apart from long term cost benefits with centralised heating systems, there are several health benefits that arise from well-implemented heating systems. They have reportedly brought down instances of hypothermia, asthma and bronchitis in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, troubleshooting and repairs to the equipment are localised or restricted to the area where the device is installed.

Central heating, especially hydroponic, when implemented well, does save lots of energy and money as water retains heat for long and requires lesser energy for re-heating if the circulatory network is well-implemented.

Heating Solutions

How best to heat your home has become a vexed question in recent times. You not only have to consider the cost of buying and installing the most suitable system, but also how much it will cost to run it day-in, day-out for the foreseeable future. With ever-rising energy costs, this is an extremely important consideration for most people, as gas and electricity bills form an increasingly higher portion of household outgoings.

Another important concern these days is the carbon footprint of your home. The biggest environmental impact of any house comes from the way in which it is heated. If you want to minimise this, it is possible, by choosing the right system and equipment, to slash the amount of fossil fuels needed to keep your home warm. This can be done in various ways - from choosing the most energy-efficient boiler to installing solar heating solutions.

Whatever your needs, the principal elements of any home heating solutions can be found here, with a range of quality products available.

- Combination Boilers and System Boilers
- Eco-friendly heating systems, including solar heating: helping you to save money and save the environment
- Mega-flow high-pressure hot water cylinders: just what you want for power showers and fast-filling baths
- Electric water heaters: quick and convenient hot water, whenever you need it
- Water softeners: prevention is better than cure when it comes to limescale
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