Motorised Valves & Actuators

Motorised Valves & Actuators

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Motorised Valves and Actuators

Trade Plumbing stocks a range of high quality motorised valves and motorised actuators. Considered industry standard equipment, brands such as Salus and Myson are used time and again on the best new builds as well as for replacement parts and upgrades across the plumbing and heating world. We'll be happy to advise exactly what you need for your particular set up as well as advising on the feasiblity of fitting the components yourself. While we recommend caution when altering your boiler system single handedly, most work can be accomplished by an experienced home owner. Either way, you'll have the piece of mind that you've bought your equipment at rock bottom trade prices.

Regulating your boiler and heating system is a very important aspect of gaining maximum efficiency, maintaing the lifespan and improving comfort in your home, as well as saving money and caring for the environment. An easily adjustable and reponsive system allows you to adjust the temperatue of your heating or your water quickly and easily. Experimenting and getting used to a routine will not only allow you to have the right temperature for you, but it will also cut down on waste energy. Needless to say, cutting down the energy used in your house will lower your bills, but will also ensure that you are not unnecessarily using up resources and harming the environment. With gas and electricity prices soaring, energy efficient heating can save you hundreds of pounds every year.

Surface mounted mechanical thermostats are an excellent way to regulate the temperature of your boiler. A dial, quickly and easily set, will let you know exactly when it has reached the desired level. Try altering the temperature of your water and central heating over time to ensure you aren't heating to excess temperatures and causing waste.

In the world of heating motorised valves are the means by which your thermostat adjusts the temperature of your system. A faulty valve or valve will impair the reliability of your system. Replacing these valves is a technical procedure so we would recommend consulting our trained staff on how to do so. The Trade Plumbing range of motorised valves are renowned for their reliabilty.