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Eastgate Liscia Italian Aluminium Horizontal White - 14 Sections Radiator - 440mm H x 1148mm W

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More Information
SKU 111039
Brand Eastgate
Manufacturer ID SAXO441114H
Estimate Delivery Time 2 to 3 Working Days
Radiator Height 440mm
Radiator Width 1148mm
Radiator Material Aluminium
Radiator Projection 95mm
Heat Output BTU (Delta T50) 4490
Heat Output BTUs 4490.000000
Heat Output BTUs (Delta T60) 5675
Heat Output Watts (Delta T50) 1316
Heat Output Watts (Delta T60) 1663
  • Italian Aluminium Radiator
  • Combines low water content with high thermal efficiency
  • RAL 9010 White powder coated finish
  • Supplied with 4 Wall Brackets and 1 Manual Airvent
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001:2000, EN442
  • Manufactured to enviromental standards ISO 14001
  • Height : 440
  • Width : 1148
  • Depth : 95
  • Sections : 14
  • Watts : 1316
  • BTU's : 4490


You should have when you buy this radiator:

  • 1 Radiator
  • 4 Wall Brackets
  • 1 Manual Airvent
  • 4 Bushes with Gaskets
  • 1 Blanking Plug
  • 1 Diverter (for 1800mm vertical models only)


You will need:

  1. Tape measure
  2. Electric drill and bits
  3. Spirit level


We promise Eastgate products to deliver:

  1. Great Value: quality products at affordable prices, made and tested to European standard EN442.
  2. All Products from Stock: ready to be sent when you need them.
  3. 48 – 72 Hour Delivery: to mainland UK invoice addresses (Unfortunately getting to the Scottish Highlands may take a little longer).
  4. Quality Guaranteed: with a minimum of 10 years guarantee on all Eastgate liscia radiators and towel rails.
  5. How to Buy your Eastgate product


Useful Infomation


Aluminium radiators which are 1800mm tall are supplied with a Spring Diverter, which is installed in the lower waterway at either end. This is installed by pushing the cap firmly in the waterway until it locates against the barell nipple and is retained in place by the bush. The flow must enter this end first.
You will have been supplied with at least four brackets (please see technical drawing 1 above the page). The brackets are typically positioned one section in from either end with extra brackets spaced at equal distances between these two (please see technical drawing 2 above the page).
Brackets should be fixed using suitable drill bit, screws and plugs.


It is essential that all brackets are level and square prior to hanging the radiator to ensure a vertical alignment for connecting the pipework.
Mark and fix the 2 top brackets checking they are level. Hang radiator in position and mark the location of the 2 bottom brackets and fix in place.
With the brackets firmly fixed and level, the radiator is lowered directly onto the brackets.
When commissioning your radiator on an indirect/closed system we recommend using a suitable quality and quantity of mixed metal inhibitor to protect against scale & corrosion. Damage caused to systems not protected by a suitable inhibitor will not be covered by manufacturer's guarantee.

Guarantees & Liabilities

This product is guaranteed for 10 years. As we are not the manufacturers of this product we will take all reasonable endeavours to make over to you the benefit of any warranty or guarantee given by the manufacturer. The guarantees in all cases are subject to the products being installed in accordance with British and or European  standards as well as these fitting instructions. The guarantees in all cases are restricted to the free of charge replacement or repair of the failed product only. Our liability will under no circumstances extend beyond the repair or replacement of the product supplied by us. Claims for either labour in replacement or damage to property are not admissible. Any goods that are returned, in the event of a problem, will belong to us.

About Eastgate products and helpfull infoamtion to pick the right radator

Eastgate Radiators are supplied by, the UKs leading independent supplier of designer radiators and specialises in the distribution of great value designer radiators to the UK.

Eastgates products aim is to provide you with a range of great value designer radiators. We understand that you want a choice of good looking, good quality products, all delivered with reliable service and guarantees.

How to Buy your Eastgate product



Create a plan of your room making notes of dimensions, ceiling heights and position of doors and windows. Using this information and our free heat output calculator, you can calculate the heat output requirement of your room.


Identify the best locations for your radiators and make a note of the dimensions of each location, taking care to include space for valves each side. Please note, large spaces are heated more efficiently when using multiple smaller radiators rather than one large one.


Once positioning is complete, size up each radiator ensuring the combined heat output of all the radiators meets the recommended heat output requirement of your room. This is the figure you calculated in Step 1.


As well as White, Chrome, Stainless Steel and RAL 9005 Black Matt, selected product ranges are available in a choice of 25 RAL colours.


Unless stated otherwise, every radiator and towel rail requires a set of valves. Valves come in a variety of styles and finishes that can influence the design of the radiator. We have therefore provided a selection of valves for you to choose from, as well as a number of accessories such as pipe covers and shrouds.


Placing an order is very simple; simply click add to cart. Eastgate Products are delivered directly to you within 3-5 days for products finished in White, Chrome, Stainless Steel or RAL 9005 Black Matt, or 7 days for products finished in one of the 25 RAL colours. Please note, deliveries to Scottish Highlands may take a little longer

Guide: Heat Output, Placement & Sizing

Calculating your room’s heat output requirement is essential to ensure your radiators heat the room to your desired temperature. Make the process quicker and easier by creating a plan of your room, taking note of the room’s dimensions, ceiling heights and position of doors and windows. If known, also take note of your wall’s construction, insulation and window type (single glazed, double glazed, etc).


You can easily calculate your room’s heat output requirement using our free online Heat Output Calculator. Results are shown in either British Thermal Units (BTUs) or Watts, and will provide you a result based on a minimum to maximum heat output range - we recommend basing your radiator selection on the higher end of the result to ensure your room reaches its optimal temperature efficiently.

Please note most radator: figures are based on a standard delta t50?c calculation, the European standard of measurement. Delta t (Δt) is a calculation based on achieving a desired room temperature of 20?c. Some installers may work with figures based on the older delta t60?c calculation, in which case multiply these figures by 1.264 to compare.


It is always advised that radiators should be situated in the coldest part of the room. In older homes, windows provide a cold convection of air that can greatly influence the temperature of the room – counteract this by placing a radiator beneath the window. Modern homes offer greater levels of insulation and airtight seals, therefore positioning is less important. It’s always beneficial to look for unused wall space such as chimney breasts and tight corners where tall thin radiators can provide additional heat without taking up extra room.

Tip: Make sure pipework is planned in advance to avoid any mistakes.


Large spaces are heated more efficiently when using multiple smaller radiators rather than one large one. A rule of thumb often used in the trade is to have one radiator every four metres (about 15 feet) or so in the room. Once you’ve decided how many radiators you wish to install, simply divide the heat output requirement of your room between the number of radiators you wish to install. For example, if your room requires 15,000 BTU’s, one radiator in the room would have to be large enough to produce 15,000 BTU’s, whereas you could split the heat output requirement between two smaller radiators each capable of producing 7,500 BTU’s. Please note; each radiator can be any size and output as long as the combined output of all the radiators is equal to, or greater than the recommended heat output requirement of your room.



If your room requires more heat output from your radiators, you may have to consider installing additional radiators to make up the difference. However, if you are limited by the amount of wall space in your room, you may be able to choose a range that offers greater depths. Our Tallis range for instance comes in a variety of sizes, in both single (82mm deep) and double (103mm deep) configurations. The greater depth provides a larger surface area that is able to emit more heat.

Guide: Style, Design & Finish



Depending on your room’s layout, horizontal and vertical radiators can be chosen to maximise the use of ceiling heights and long low spaces, without losing heat output. They can also influence the room’s design by creating columnar effects either side of doors and windows, or matching the width of the window above.



Where more heat output is required, selected ranges are available in greater depths to increase heat output within the same wall space. For example, our Tallis range is available in either a single (82mm deep) or double (103mm deep):

Tallis Single 1800mm x 420mm = 3330 BTUs

Tallis Double 1800mm x 420mm = 4889 BTUs



Eastgates product range provides a variety of styles to choose from, each with it’s own distinct visual appeal

  • Flat Panel designs such as the Piatta offers a clean contemporary suited to modern homes.

  • Round tube designs offers a subtle blend of classic and contemporary style to suit almost any interior.

  • Flat tube designs offer a modern take on a classic look, combining the appearance of flat panel and tubular designs.

  • Multi-Column designs such as the Eastgate Colore range offer huge flexibility for both traditional and contemporary homes. Slip-on feet and a set of classic valves give Cornel a traditional look, whilst floor mounts or wall brackets with a set of contemporary valves transforms Cornel into a modern take on a traditional design.


Eastgates range features products made from a number of different materials, each with it’s own distinct characteristics:

  • Steel is cost effective, easily manipulated and provides a good balance of strength and efficiency.

  • Aluminum is light, easily manipulated and provides a much greater level of thermal efficiency.

  • Stainless steel is extremely durable and is totally impervious to water, therefore enabling it to be used in any domestic heating system; Direct or Indirect.


All product ranges are stocked for delivery in standard finishes (White, Chrome, Stainless Steel and RAL 9005 Black Matt) and delivered within 3-5 working days. Selected ranges are available in a choice of the 25 most popular RAL colours, which extends delivery time to 7 days due to the painting process. Colours are produced using a high quality powder coat process that uses hard wearing epoxy polyurethane that is baked on at 180 degrees.

Please note: deliveries to Scottish Highlands may take a little longer.

Guide: Choosing Valves


Thermostatically Controlled (TRV) OR MANUAL

Manual valves are adjusted by hand; they will allow a constant flow of water through your radiator regardless of the room temperature. Radiators will only turn off when the main thermostat reaches its set point, or the programmer turns the heating off. Systems may have at least two manual valves included, acting as a bypass for the system (usually a towel rail) and one in the same area as the main thermostat so they do not conflict with each other.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) monitor the ambient room temperature with a built in thermostat. They usually have between 4 and 6 set levels, which you can select and the valve then opens and closes automatically to reach and maintain the desired level. If one room reaches the set temperature, the radiator will effectively turn off whilst others continue to operate. TRVs can help maximise the efficiency of your system reducing energy consumption. They are now a requirement as part of building regulations relating to new builds and refurbishments.


Radiators require two valves that work together as a pair. The Wheel Head is used to adjust the flow of water into each radiator and the Lockshield maintains a balanced flow of water around the whole system, ensuring each radiator receives the correct rate of flow in order to heat up; these will be adjusted by your installer when balancing your system. All our valves are priced as pairs.


Some of our towel rails can be installed with a dual application kit, which allows the towel rail to function on the both the central heating system and the electric system. Your installer will need to be aware if you wish to convert your towel rail for dual application to ensure pipe centres are adjusted accordingly.


The location of the pipe work for your radiator will be affected by the size of valves you select. All angled valves have a dimension shown to allow for adjusting pipe work. If you are planning to fix pipe work before receiving your radiators you should make adequate allowances for manufacturing tolerances in pipe centres. If you are using straight valves, a minimum of 150mm should be allowed from the base of the radiator for ease of installation. Please Note: we endeavour to ensure all pipe centres are correct, however manufacturing tolerances must be considered; therefore we strongly recommend that pipe work is not altered or adjusted until the new radiator or towel rail is fitted. We will not accept any responsibility for claims resulting from incorrect pipe centres.

The choice of which format of valve to use will depend on the location of your pipe work and the position of the collectors on the radiator:

A) Angled from wall

B) Angled from floor

C) Straight from floor

If you are planning to move your radiators or change from horizontal to vertical, you should discuss the amount of work involved with your installer and plan how to keep exposed pipe work to a minimum.


There are a variety of different pipe sizes and materials used for heating systems in the UK; 15mm, 22mm, 28mm, in copper, plastic, iron or chrome. It is important to discuss with your installer the type of pipe work being used to ensure your valves are specified correctly. The most common size of pipe in the UK is 15mm (also known as ½”); often 22mm (or ¾”) pipework is used on large or older systems with cast iron radiators. All our valves have 15mm connections as standard unless otherwise stated; if you need different connections please specify when ordering your valves. Most pipes will be made from copper and all our valves work with this material. On older houses iron pipe work may still exist (usually 22mm 3/4”); you will need to specify this to ensure your valve connections are the correct size.

Over recent years push fit plastic pipe has become more popular and some plumbers may wish to directly connect the plastic pipe to the valve, but our valves are not designed to operate with plastic pipes. In some cases chrome pipe work is used to supply water to the radiator; because chrome is a harder surface than copper or iron, most valves will not grip it securely and leaks can occur; special olives are required to enable valves to grip chrome pipe work and these must be specified at time of order.

Please contact our Customer Service department on 0844 504 4499 if you would like more information. 

Here at TradePlumbing.co.uk we have voluntarily extended our returns period to 90 days, as we understand that sometimes there may be the odd item left over from a project or you may have an unexpected delay to a project meaning that you need the added peace of mind when ordering products in case a return is necessary.

We truly believe in being able to offer customers a flexible service and this extended period allows us to go that little extra to help you when in need, as long as goods are returned in the same condition as received we are happy to help.

To return any time initially please email your request to our Customer Support team at customerservice@tradeplumbing.co.uk along with your TP - Order Reference, please allow at least 1 working day for response and we will take it from there.

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