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Towel Rail Valves

Towel Rail Valves

Towel Rail Valve

Purchasing a new set of towel rail valves may be a good idea if you have recently purchased heated towel rails for your home. However, when selecting a set of heated towel rail valves it is essential to make sure that you order the correct size. The size that you need to order will depend on the size of your pipes. There are three main sizes of pipes in the United Kingdom, which are eight millimetres, ten millimetres and 15 millimetres. However, valves are typically 15 millimetres, so if the pipes are are different size it will be necessary to attacher a reducer to adjust the size.

In addition to various sizes, there are also a few types of towel radiator valves to choose from. You will first need to decide whether you require the angled or straight variety. Angled valves are most suitable for central heating pipes that emerge from the wall and provide a neat finish. However, straight valves are most appropriate for pipes that emerge from the floorboards or the skirting.

The type of towel rail valve that you choose may also be either manual or thermostatic. Manual valves tend to be the most popular, as they allow you to easily control the water and heat output that flows through the towel rail. Adjusting manual valves can be carried out by simply turning the wheel head to the position that releases the desired amount of heat. However, thermostatic valves are generally preferred by people who wish to maintain a constant, pre-set temperature in their home.

No matter which type of towel rail valve you prefer, you are sure to find a good selection of styles to meet your needs. Although installation is generally quick and simple to accomplish, people who are not used to performing DIY tasks may want to consider hiring a professional to take care of installation.

Towel Rail Valves & Elements

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