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White Ladder Heated Towel Rails

White Ladder Heated Towel Rails

White Ladder Heated Towel Rails

Heated towel rails – There certainly is something to love about a heated towel rail, providing you with lovely, warm and fluffy towels for after that relaxing soak in the bathtub, or that invigorating shower after a long day at work. The further benefit of having a heated towel rail in your home is that on top of those warm, fluffy towels is warming the surroundings of the heated towel rail; this meaning that you and your towels can benefit from the delightful warmth that a heated towel rail brings. 

Heated towel rails are hugely popular in modern and traditional homes alike across the country. A towel rail possesses both fantastic practicality and also adds an aesthetic pleasure to your home - with a white towel rail you can further enhance this aesthetic pleasure of your bathroom or kitchen whilst saving on wall space...

The beauty of towel rails is that they can both hang your towels as well as heating the room. A white towel rail would be a fantastic addition to any bathroom, resulting in lovely, warm, fluffy towels every time you step from your invigorating shower or relaxing bath. The added bonus of a white towel rail is that it will compliment itself with any colour scheme you have or are planning to have in your home. 

At Trade Plumbing we pride ourselves on our customer service and making the process of purchasing your wonderful new white towel rail as easy and simple as possible.


White Towel Radiator 

White towel radiator is now coming back into fashion it was the only affordable offering of heated towel back in the day not its become a more looks at colour in the design of a bathroom or kitchen changing the look of the room with more neutral colours and angles the days of full tiled rooms has gone and more paints that can withstand the damp are being used and wall panels to set the white towel radiator off in the room and make it stand out.

The nice simple designs now of a ladder version of a white towel radiator makes is very affordable also it can outlast a chrome product as its at the end of the day mild steel coated in a powder white paint and this means over time this can rust as with any mild steel product in a damp environment it need less upkeep than a chrome version but still does need a nice wipe down if covered in water as it can blow the white paint covering the steel if always damp and wet we recommend to set your timer to have the white towel radiator on at least once a day to make it last this will dry the towel radiator out.

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