Anthracite Vertical Designer Radiators

Anthracite Vertical Designer Radiators

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  • Eucotherm Nova Tube Vertical Designer Radiator

    SKU: ENO-P

    ▷ Multiple Radiator Finish options available
    ▷ Multiple Radiator Panels / Columns options available
    ▷ Multiple Radiator Size options available

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    Regular Price: £141.60

    £95.58 (inc VAT)

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Vertical Anthracite Radiators offer a fantastic, contemporary form of heating your home. Particularly popular in both kitchens and bathrooms, not only do they look great – they also offer excellent levels of efficiency and performance. All of these radiators are compatible with all types of central h eating systems.

The added benefit of choosing a vertical radiators, is that these radiators do not suffer from the usual drawbacks of horizontal radiators. For example, they can’t be blocked in by furniture – nor are they constrained by small spaces, such as under windows.

If you have any questions about this range – just get in touch and we will be happy to help.