Black Vertical Designer Radiators

Black Vertical Designer Radiators

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  • Eucotherm Glass Infrared Radiator

    SKU: E4102-P

    ▷ Multiple Radiator Size options available
    ▷ Multiple Radiator Finish options available

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    Regular Price: £496.80

    £319.37 (inc VAT)

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A common sight in boutique hotels and modern apartments, black radiators provide an excellent contrast with the usually pale walls of a room. Black Vertical Radiators provide an eye catching feature and focal point to any room, whilst the ‘go anywhere’ design overcomes a lot of the challenges of heating a room, especially in smaller and period properties.

Vertical Radiators can be used to improve the use of space in your rooms, no longer do your radiators have to be blocked in by furniture – or crammed in underneath a window. As well as looking great, all of our designer radiators have been designed to provide unbeatable heating performance, and reliability. Ensuring years of performance.

If you have any questions about our range of Black Vertical Radiators, just get in touch and we will be happy to help.