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Gas Hobs

Gas Hobs

Gas Hobs

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The search of the perfect way of cooking has to stop here. The limitations of the traditional cooker as main source of inspiration. The emerge of PITT cooking: burners placed directly into your countertop. Professional, powerful burners. Finally enough space for your pans. Always a kitchen to take pride in.

For that one special dish, for which you have been cooking in the kitchen for hours. But also for that one simple meal, after a long day’s work. Pure, powerful and efficient cooking. On fire. The way cooking was meant to be.

The best part of our profession? That we may gaze at the most beautiful kitchens every day. We are extremely proud that we, as PITT cooking, are part of that time and time again. Kitchen art – perfect for daydreaming.

Burners directly onto your countertop.

PITT cooking: a cooking concept where seperate burners are directly integrated into your countertop. With all the technical parts hidden below the countertop, it does not only give your kitchen a unique look, it also enables burners to be placed further apart. From now, you will always have enough space for your pots and pans. Our powerful, professional burners offer you a professional cooking result in your own kitchen.

 Available in 20 different models

All models composed from three types of burners (2, 3 & 5 kW)

Minimum space of 28 cm between each hob

Available as gas cooking system for each type of gas (also bottled gas)

Easy to install

Kiwa Gastec Quality Mark

How Does our Gas Hobs Work

The technique behind PITT cooking is not very different compared to a traditional cooking plate. The biggest difference is the fact that the technical parts are placed beneath the surface of the countertop, out of sight. Using round recesses, the gas burners are installed within the countertop. Beneath the countertop, you can find the technical module including electric and gas connection.

What is the Power of a Gas Hob Burners

All models in our product range consist of three different types of burners:

  • Small burner, a minimum of 0,3 kW up to a maximum of 2 kW;
  • Medium burner, a minimum of 0,3 kW up to a maximum of 3 kW;
  • Combined simmer-/ wok burner, power minimum 0.2 upto maximum 5kW. These burners with double rings can be used to simmer as well as cooking in a wok. Operated with one button.



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