Upgrading or installing a bathroom shower can be done in many ways, and there are a variety of products available to ensure that you can get a solution that suits you. It may be that you have an old showering system that doesn't deliver the quality you need, or you may even have thought that you couldn't have showers because of low water pressure.

In many locations, a power shower will be the best option as either an upgrade or a new installation. They can be installed to replace existing equipment in a separate location, or placed above an existing bath to provide a combination solution. As well as the showering equipment, Trade Plumbing can supply all the other products you'll need for an installation, including pumps, hoses, screens, rails and heads.

Installing or fitting showers is something that can be done by someone with experience in DIY and a knowledge of the risks involved in plumbing, but remember that new systems are electrically-powered and there's always a significant risk involved when water and electricity come close together. A plumber will be able to advise and carry out whatever work you require, and you can then rest assured in the knowledge that the work they carry out will be safe to use.

A new system can also be much more efficient than an older one, using less water and power - especially compared to baths - and a new installation could save you money in the long run.

Showering instead of bathing

Showers are no longer just a way of cleansing yourself. With a shower to suit every size of bathroom and every budget, the choices are exciting and inspiring. You need to consider the size of the shower, its location in the bathroom suites and the finish and look you would like.

If space is limited, install a shower over the bath; use either a glass shower screen in a variety of sizes and shapes such as sliding, folding or curved, or a curtain. A corner shower also takes up less space; Aqualux manufactures a 760mm compact size. The shape could be square, rectangular or the space saving quadrant. If you have more space available, your choice of showers is nearly unlimited. You could install a recessed Shower, a walk-in or even the increasingly popular wet floor.

Shower Enclosure and Tray

Doors for showers are available in sliding and bi-fold, which are both suitable if space is a problem as they open sideways or inward; and also in pivot, which opens outward and could hang on hinges. Glass could be clear, patterned or sandblasted and the frames could be finished in white or silver, or it could even be frameless. You could install a shower tray or prefer to have the floor tiled.

Taps and shower heads are also available in an increasingly large range. Heads come in water-conserving shower mists, large heads with high flow or adjustable heads. A shower cabin is really a spa at your finger tips, with steam, various settings, speeds and body jets available. You could even have speakers and an MP3 player installed.

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