Power Showers

Power Showers

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Power Showers

If you're in an area where low water pressure makes showering slow and inconvenient, then a power shower could be the answer to your prayers. Unlike a conventional shower, which works merely on the water pressure available through your plumbing system, these showers are electrically powered to pump water from the system harder, thus giving you a much more satisfying shower experience.

There are a variety of types of power shower available, so there should be one to suit your needs. Most are wall-mounted units which then connect to the rest of the shower fittings (hose, rail etc) while some can be hidden away and built into the wall to enable them to look more like a conventional shower unit. 

Trade Plumbing stock many different power showers, enabling you to find the right solution for your needs. Even within wall-mounted models there are different styles available, so you should be able to find one that fits in nicely with the rest of your bathroom, and doesn't stand out and look incongruous. Different power showers also have different functions and settings available, so it's worth considering what options you want to take there.

Some systems can also be hidden away, with the controls looking like those from a regular shower system. These can be especially useful if you can't find one that matches your bathroom style, but they will take more time and expense to fit, though the final results are very satisfying.

Installing a power shower is a tricky job, as it often requires several different skills to complete a successful installation. Power showers also combine water and electricity in the same device, so that can create risks which you need to be aware of before attempting an installation. A person with a lot of experience in DIY and knowledge of household systems should be able to do it, but it can be a task that you'll want to leave to a qualified plumber or experienced handyman in order to be sure the installation is safe.

A new shower system can create a much more pleasant washing experience and the higher pressure generated can, with the right shower head fitted, allow you to use massage options to help ease tired or aching limbs at the end of the day.