Tahi Bathroom Tap Set

Tahi Bathroom Tap Set

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Twin Lever

By combining two levers into a single platform, Methven Twin Lever technology combines economies allowing individual flow control (traditionally provided by two taps) with the convenience and modern styling of single lever taps.  Users have the ability to control their hot and cold water flow completely separately - reducing the waste hot water and energy consumption. 

An evolutionary step in tapware design, Methven Twin Lever technology combines advanced ergonomic design with functionality that encourages energy efficiency -smart technology that will help you save. Efficiency is also apparent in terms of usability; operational movements are subtle and intuitive, with smooth transition that makes daily use a pleasure.

Products incorporating Methven Twin Lever technology allow you to conserve precious resources offering a more energy-efficient alternative to single lever tapware designs. Suitable for almost all pressures (above 0.35 Bar).