What is a roll top bath? - Roll top baths - all you need to know

What is a roll top bath? - Roll top baths - all you need to know 


When you think of style and luxury, and an image that sums up these characteristics in your home, the bathroom is perhaps the ultimate symbol of opulence. Much more than just a functional room that you walk into dirty and walk out clean, the bathroom is your haven in which to relax, unwind and take time to simply forget about the world.In here, the wolrd's problems are a million miles away. And in your bolthole away from the noise and stress of modern life, nothing symbolises relaxation and comfort more than your bath tub. 

Roll Top Bath

Roll top baths present an image of style and luxury that is unrivalled in bathroom suites. So called because of the curved edges at the top of the frame, these free standing tubs are the archetypal image of a luxury bath. Cool and modern yet with a very traditional style, the “rolled” top offers greater comfort as you soak away your worries. This can also reduce the risk of injury that can come from getting in and out of the bath. The free standing design is a nod to the earliest bath tubs, and also serves to eliminate the risk of mould collecting around the base. Many modern tubs are made from acrylic as a means of reducing cost and offering a more contemporary, minimalist design. These can still be quite beautiful and are a wonderful focal point for your bathroom. For the ultimate in style, or for a very traditional look, you can also find copper roll top baths that provide the ultimate image of Victorian luxury. Enamelled metals like cast iron are also a great option. 

Slipper Bath

As an extension of the roll top design, slipper baths also commonly feature the rolled edges and offer an even greater level of comfort. Slipper baths are designed with one deeper side, allowing you to recline almost fully in the tub. The name comes from the higher wall on one side giving a slipper shape, and once you settle in for a hot soak in one of these you will realise how apt the name is; like the comfort of your favourite winter pair! 

Double Ended Slipper Bath

For those that are environmentally conscious (or simply like sharing a bath), both can be designed with central taps to allow for two. In the case of slipper baths, both ends offer the same reclining shape. 

When it comes to choosing the bath for you, there are various factors to consider. The balance of style, luxury and of course cost is all important in making your dream bathroom. Whether you choose to go for a cool, modern roll top bath, or a luxurious slipper bath, there are a multitude of designs out there to suit every taste. 
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