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Come and Work for TradePlumbing

Career opportunities with TradePlumbing

Thank you for being interested in joining the TradePlumbing team. As one of the leading e-commerce businesses in Colchester, we are always looking for new talent to join our team. We have the following vacancies here at the Head Office in Colchester:

Links to jobs

  1. Online PR Manager
  2. SEO and PPC Technician
  3. Trainee Content Writer
  4. Telesales and Customer Experience Executive
  5. Telesales and Customer Experience Support
  6. PHP Programmer

Is this what you're looking for?

  • Do you want a career path, not just a job?
  • Do you want to be part of a team who have a real say in what happens in a fast-paced business?
  • Do you want to have a team of people who listen to your ideas?
  • Do you want to make a difference in your life as well as the business?
  • Do you want to become part of a fast-moving, flexible and fun company?

The right kind of person? Are you:

  • Passionate
  • Determined
  • Enthusiastic
  • Self-Confident
  • Self Motivated
  • Friendly
  • A Problem-Solver

About us

TradePlumbing is a brand of Clayton Horsnell Ltd, a locally-run bathroom, plumbing and heating online merchant established to provide great products to customers across the country and into Europe. Clayton Horsnell were awarded best Customer Service by Action International in January 2012 and are proud of the accolade. Significant investment has been made in systems, stock and marketing and we are now seeking to increase our team to cope with additional demand from extra business. is one of the UK's leading bathroom and kitchen plumbing retailers and has been operating for 6 years.

One of the benefits of working for a smaller business is that we are mobile and able to respond to changes in the market. No two days are ever the same because we move so quickly. We do things a little differently to most businesses, so prepare to be surprised.

We are looking to attract people to share our vision to create the perfect business. So what does the perfect business mean to you? For us, Perfect is...

  • ...knowing that everyone is doing their best and no less.
  • ...turning all failures into success and knowing when to walk away.
  • ...loving the day, week, year.
  • ...creating a feeling that can never be forgotten, each day, for everyone.
  • ...knowing the start and end of the day is making a difference to the people around you.
  • ...knowing you have done the best you could possibly do.
  • ...supporting someone that can do better with a smile and helping hand.
  • ...knowing when you're in too deep, and letting someone else lead, then supporting them to get the task finished.
  • ...knowing you can count on the people around you to say the truth always.
  • ...knowing your team will always support you, to develop a better you.
  • ...knowing when it's time to change and move forward.
  • ...when there is Respect with a capital R.
  • ...knowing you can say how you feel and be supported.
  • ...always knowing the leaders of the team are always looking ahead to create a secure future for you.
  • ...about inspiring the people to do better than they ever dreamed.
  • ...knowing you can teach, coach, gather knowledge and use it for the better of yourself and others around you.
  • ...development of a brighter future that enables more time for ideas, business ventures, investment, knowledge & family.

Our Values

  • Pride - Taking pleasure in accomplishment
  • Excellence - Exceeding all expectations
  • Team - Together Everyone Achieves More
  • Exemplary - Being the example everyone should follow
  • Respect - Respecting others as you would have them respect you
  • Passion - Excitement, interest and commitment
  • Fun - A fun working environment
  • Decisive - Being confident in informed decisions

Let's get acquainted

Please connect with us from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or another social networking service so we can keep in touch.

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Like to apply?

We are growing very quickly and as a result, we are looking for energetic and intelligent team members, who can learn quickly in a dynamic environment and assume responsibility in a short period of time.

Please call our automated recruitment line on 03445 044 499. We recommend you have a pen and paper handy!

What's the package?

  • Regular office massage therapy for healthy posture and relaxation
  • Regular workshops and personal development
  • Quarterly Team days for team development
  • In house library and knowledge base for development
  • Personal coaching available
  • Individual Training budgets available
  • Excellent career and wage growth opportunities
  • Profit sharing scheme
  • Dual-screen state-of-the-art PC Workstations
  • Ergonomic chairs
  • Free Tea, Coffee and Squash
  • Free Parking
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