Hot Water Radiators

Heating Radiators

As you’d expect, the practical function of any radiator is to heat the rooms in your home. This isn’t to say that you can’t turn the radiators in your home into stylish vocal points that’ll get your guests talking. Trade Plumbing is proud to stock an impressive range of radiators that cater for the needs of even the fussiest bathroom designer. Technology has advanced a great deal in the last few decades and customers are no longer limited to the choice of either a tubular or convector radiator.

If you’re looking for localised heating solutions that are incredibly efficient and ideal for your bathroom, we’d advise taking a look at tubular units. They’re discreet and economically viable yet still emit relatively high levels of heat. Convector radiators are little different - as the name would suggest, the source of the heat is not exposed and hot liquid circulates through the entire surface area of the piping structure of the unit, resulting in more output and arguably better value for money (depending on the surface area you need to heat).

With the ever-broadening choice of standalone and central heating radiators on offer from such world-renowned companies as Biasi UK and Ultra, settling on the perfect product for your bathroom can involve a great deal of research. For those who demand a little more from the features in their bathroom, it’s no longer satisfying enough to simply walk into your local plumbers’ merchants and pick from a standard collection of traditional-looking white units. While there’s still a market for this well-known style,

Different Radiator Styles

You’ll be amazed by the quality of craftsmanship and unrivalled attention to detail that goes into the manufacture of each range on offer from Trade Plumbing and will want to spend your time weighing up your many options before deciding on a radiator that’s going to last for years to come. Radiator specialists have tailored their collections to cater for the ever-growing demand for both vertical and horizontal items. Column radiators are notoriously versatile, come in a range of specifications and can be mounted on a wide variety of wall surfaces, so you’ll be sure to stumble across a radiator that fits snugly into the often limited space available in your room.

Central Heating Radiator

Central heating radiators typically take just a few minutes to warm up your room and are manufactured in practically every size imaginable to cater for our ever-demanding UK consumer base. To make sure you’re getting the right level of energy output from your central heating radiator, why not make use of our online plumbing calculator? It’ll tell you the British thermal units required to heat your environment to a comfortable level. Remember, if you’re looking to heat a relatively small room, it may be worth taking a look at our extensive range of towel radiators. These smaller units remain perfectly safe within wet environments and can be a lot cheaper to run if you haven’t got an existing central heating system in place, as they don’t rely on external plumbing for power or resources.