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Eastgate Liso White Flat Tube Designer Towel Rail..
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Eastgate Eclipse Black Tube Designer Towel Rail..
Was £200.04 As low as £189.09 (inc VAT)

Buy Designer Radiators, Heated Towel Rails, Column & Bathroom Radiators, and Shower Enclosures from Trade Plumbing

We have been serving UK as a plumbing and heating retailer since 2006. Trade Plumbing is a successful product of a family business that has been operating for over 40 years. All your requirements of  designer radiators, bathroom radiators, and column radiators and more, are fulfilled here!

Fabricated with Perfection, Delivered with Love!

A house isn’t just an assembly of bricks and mortar, Your house is your home! To add the essence of ‘home’ to your house, you will need to adorn your place with the best! Not only the comfy furniture and decorated rooms can sparkle up your interiors, but you need more than that. What’s a decorated and artfully designed home with soothing interiors but lacks the warmth and cosines you need? A perfect heating and plumbing mechanism with pipes laying below your floors and the boilers warming up the chilled waters for you to have a shower, the aesthetically designed radiators to warm up your space, the beautiful baths in your bathrooms to freshen you up, are all that make up your house, a ‘home’.

It’s Time to Make Your House A Home!

We have left no stone unturned to bring you the most suitable and high-quality plumbing and heating supplies. Our product collections envelope almost every pronge of the plumbing and heating industry: The very unconventional range of designer radiators, the traditional and modern radiators, artfully crafted boilers and hot water cylinders to ensure a long-term heating and plumbing system, baths and shower enclosures are a few products that the UK demands us to provide.

Personalise your Interiors: Scroll through the Designer Ranges!

A home designed and decorated with love reflects your personality. You can make your home reflect who you are as a person by buying and installing the plumbing and heating supplies that reflect your taste. Not to worry here as we have got you covered. Whether you like something snug and cosy or whether you like big spaces and clear lines, we know that you know what you want. 

Being specialists in bathroom suites, shower enclosures, heated towel rails, heated towel racks, hot water radiators, and designer radiators like Kartell, The Radiator Company, Reina, and EastGate, we can help you with what is probably the most important room in your home. The bathroom provides much more than a place to carry out the basic necessities of the day - it is a haven for you to go to reflect on your day. It's a place to refresh yourself. A place to calm yourself. A place to beautify and groom. A bathroom is a place you can hide - even if just for half an hour - only to come out afterwards feeling like a new person. Therefore, it has to be functional and aesthetically pleasing. Well, that’s why we are here. 

A few plumbing and heating supplies we have been offering since half a century are listed here:

Electric Towel Rails- Explore your Options!

Specialists in Electric Towel Rails since 2006, TradePlumbing is able to provide the right electric element to provide you with warm, dry towels throughout the whole year. Safety being a high priority, we offer both a standard electric towel rail element as well as a thermostatically-controlled MEG electric element, along with timer controls so that your electric towel warmer rail is on when you most need it. We offer a fused spur and backbox as an option with all electric heated towel rails. Although ideal for use in a bathroom, an Electric Towel Rail can also be placed in a kitchen or a bedroom, providing the user with warmth and style.

Shower Enclosure- Shower with Style in 2021

A shower enclosure is a feature of many en suite and secondary bathrooms. Providing a quick and easy solution to a busy family’s bathing needs, a shower enclosure is built to fit conveniently in an alcove or corner of a room, contain any splashes and quickly deal with the flow of water from the shower. Shower enclosures are available in a range of sizes and styles, including walk-in Shower Enclosures, Salon Door Shower Cubicles, Quadrant shower enclosures with a rounded corner, shower trays and shower wet rooms. Make your choice from the wide range of styles and budgets of shower enclosure available from TradePlumbing.

Plumbing Supplies- Integrate Seamlessly!

Affordable yet high quality plumbing supplies are hard to come by, but you can rest assured that Trade Plumbing retails only the very best products on the market. From bath taps to fully-certified boilers, sinks and shower heads, every single fitting is designed to integrate seamlessly into any bespoke design. All specifications and measurements are listed clearly next to all of our plumbing supplies so you know exactly what you’re purchasing.

Heated Towel Rails- A Warm Bathroom must not be underrated!

We have been manufacturing and selling Heated Towel Rails for nearly 10 years and know what makes a great towel rail. If you are installing a heated towel rail in your bathroom as a replacement for your radiator, then we can help you work out what size and style will provide the correct heat output. Heated Towel Rails are now a common feature in modernised homes, giving busy families the option of hanging all the family members’ towels on the rail so that damp can be minimised.

Hot Water Cylinders- Store the Warm Waters, Efficiently!

Despite the growing popularity of Combination Boilers, many homeowners still prefer the reassurance of a Hot Water Tank to provide for their hot water needs. The benefit of a Hot Water Cylinder is that it can not only heat water by using your boiler, but it can also heat water with your electric element backup. A hot water cylinder resides in an airing cupboard which is a boon for families when you need to finish drying your clothes and store your bedsheets and towels. TradePlumbing offers Hot Water Cylinders in a range of styles from a number of great quality manufacturers, including RM Cylinders, Gledhill Cylinders, Range and Copperform.

Heating Supplies- The Best ones in the Market!

In order to warm your home to a comfortable level yet ensure that your entire heating system remains economical and efficient, you’ll need to invest in the very best heating supplies available. Trade Plumbing can advise you as to the best heating supplies for your property and recommend fixtures and accessories that will complement your installation. We provide everything from central heating units and boilers through to innovative heated towel rails and water treatment solutions, all of which are intended to make your experience of your bathroom just that bit more exciting.

Bathroom Suites

When refurbishing, a bathroom suite is the essential part of the design. Many are limited for space, so TradePlumbing offers a range of space-saving suites and accessories to make the most of the space available. If your bathroom is well proportioned, we can offer you a choice of suites that showcase your room and make it a luxurious place to relax and escape from the busy day. We have a wide range of brands and offer a wide choice of freestanding baths, bathroom tap sets, shower valves and electric showers.

Bathrooms Supplies

Based in Colchester, Trade Plumbing has been supplying specialist plumbing and heating solutions to trade outlets and the general public for over six years, though the family currently heading up the company has been a leading player in the bathroom showroom business for over three decades. Our unbeatable knowledge in the field, coupled with our noticeable passion for providing our customers with an exceptional level of service, ensures that we’re the first port of call for customers looking for beautiful, practical bathroom products suitable for any project and any budget. We know that your house isn’t just made from bricks and mortar. You want to make the most of your living environment feel secure and comfortable in your home, all the while stamping your own unique sense of style on its internal design and décor. Our top of the range supplies allow you to do just that – we can help you turn your bathroom into a safe haven in which you can beautify yourself and reflect on your day. Equip this essential living space with products that reflect your needs and your personality!

Innovative Bathroom Products At Trade Plumbing

We stock a simply unbeatable range of supplies and products and are adding to our collections on a daily basis, thus catering to innovation of our premium products. This ensures our customers are presented with fresh, contemporary ideas every single time they revisit Trade Plumbing for their bathroom needs. Alongside our great range of bathroom supplies, we’re renowned for our friendly and personable approach towards every sale. We’ll work with you closely to make sure you’re 100% happy with your purchase and our fully trained staff will find ways around even the most impossible problems!

Why Choose Trade Plumbing?

In short, because we value you like no one else in the market. We are ready to go an extra mile to assist you in your plumbing and heating needs. If you can’t find the bathroom product or plumbing or heating supplies you’re looking for on our site, don’t despair – there’s a good chance we’ll be able to source them for you. As we’re an independent retailer and have no contractual ties with any particular chain or brand, we are able to scour other suppliers on demand to track down specific products for our customers. All you need to do is speak to a member of our bathrooms team about your requirements by ringing us directly or requesting a call-back at a time that suits you. Test us today but behold! You would love to see how our customers have been reviewing us via TrustPilot. We believe in success being a product of improved customer satisfaction.