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Towel Rail Heating Elements & Accessories

Towel Rail Heating Elements & Accessories

Towel Rail Electric Element

There are two main situations when you may need a towel rail electric element. These are the devices that heat towel rails and radiators using electric power rather than heating them through using the main heating system of your house.

The first situation is where you already have an electric element for towel rail and you wish to replace it. This could be because your existing towel radiator electric element has broken down or because you want to replace it with one that's more powerful. Because we stock up to a five hundred watt heated towel rail electric element, you can find the replacement you need here, whether it's like-for-like or a power increase and upgrade.

Alternatively, you may have an existing heated towel rail that's heated by your home's main heating system that you want to turn into a 'duel fuel' device. By adding an electric element for towel rail you can change it so that it can be heated with the rest of the house, or separately. This can be a great way to save money during the warmer months, when you don't want to turn on the house's full heating, but would like to heat the towel radiator. A heated towel rail electric element allows you to achieve this.

If you are seeking to add a towel rail electric element to a centrally heated towel rail to make it dual fuel, then you will also need to purchase a part known as a 't piece' in order to fit it properly.

Replacing or upgrading an existing towel radiator electric element is something that can be done by a person with some DIY knowledge, though you will need to take care when you're dealing with electricity and the heating element, to ensure you don't injure yourself while installing. Adding a heating element to a system that doesn't currently have one in order to make it duel fuel will be a more complex task to carry out, and will likely need some professional advice or assistance from a heating engineer or handyman in order to be sure that it's installed correctly and safely.

Towel Rail Electric Elements

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