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Modern Bathroom Sinks and Basins

No matter what the age or style of the house there comes a time when consideration has to be given to giving the property a complete makeover. Much emphasis is given towards the kitchen, yet one of the rooms last on the list do be done is the bathroom. However to install a new bathroom can be one of the most rewarding and simplest projects in the entire house.

Providing no major plumbing work has to be undertaken and existing drainage outlets are used, then the refitting can be undertaken by anyone with some DIY experience. The availability of modern push fittings and flexible pipes has brought the installation of a modern bathroom well within the scope of the average person interested in DIY, and can be installed over a weekend. However there are plenty of tradesmen specialising in bathroom installation should this be required or where major plumbing work is required.

The range of baths now readily available caters for all tastes, to suit all budgets, and the style of the discerning house owner. From the lightweight but strong acrylic baths available in a range of shapes, such as those made by Trojan, through to the ultra modern shower baths, a handy solution where space is limited, there are baths for everyone . For a more dynamic look consideration should be given to the freestanding bath such as the Windsor range with their 25 year guarantee, these baths give all round access and again are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes . Baths made from acrylic and other materials using the latest manufacturing processes are easy to clean and maintain in that pristine showroom condition.

No bathroom is complete without a modern sink or a modern basin. Again the range of modern basins now available from major manufacturers such as Ideal Standard, RAK and Roca compliments the range of baths and any tastes can be readily catered for.

It doesn’t matter what the shape or size of the room is as there is something to suit everyones taste, and the modern bathroom will provide a place of harmony, peace and relaxation.

Modern Bathroom Sinks and Modern Basins

Modern bathroom sinks are frequently designed with simple curves or straight edges. Less intricate details means less dusting, cleaning and polishing to keep a bathroom looking clean and fresh - a blessing when a busy family bathroom becomes a mess. Mucky hands being washed in your modern basin just after you've cleaned it - you'll be glad you opted for a simple design that you can simply wipe clean with a soft cloth.

Traditional Bathroom Sinks and Basins

If you have a period property or simply enjoy the period style, there are many traditional styled bathroom sinks and basins available to kit out the perfect period bathroom. The traditional bathroom is a place of warmth and comfort, celebrated with luxurious furniture and welcoming accessories.

Traditional styled sinks and basins are inspired by various different periods, from classic 19th century Victorian to the more modern Art Deco period of the early 20th century. What they have in common is an appreciation of classic features and attention to detail.

Traditional styled sinks and basins usually have a pedestal to hide plumbing and provide basin support. This traditional design is aesthetically appealing for its classic appearance as well as its functional form. Wall hung basins are also available, and with their exposed pipework these can make stylish alternatives.

Traditional sinks and basins

A number of traditional sinks and basins are available to match your bathroom. From functional chunky designs to ornately curved and ridged designs, there is a traditional sink to suit all tastes. Many classic designs can also be stylishly incorporated into more modern bathrooms. Traditional sinks include beautifully ornate Victorian inspired sinks and Art Deco inspired models with strong semi-octagonal lines. Traditional sinks and basins look great teamed with traditional cross-head pillar taps and mixers.

Choosing and fitting your traditional basin

When choosing your bathroom sink or basin, bear in mind criteria such as space available, plumbing connections, how it fits with the rest of the bathroom furniture and decor, and number of tap holes, and pay attention to details which will enhance the traditional look of your basin such as taps and mixers. Some basins are especially designed to fit into tight or awkward spaces which can make a bathroom appear more spacious, and some careful planning will help to make the most of the room available.

Unless you are experienced at DIY we recommend that you hire a professional to fit out your sink or basin, and they will be able to advise you on plumbing connections or bathroom design if you want to redesign the layout of your bathroom.

Traditional basin for your bathroom

Do you hanker for the bathroom styling of years gone by? Do you like the look of traditional basins and bathroom sinks? It is possible to still have that style with modern manufacturing technicques and technology. Traditional bathroom sinks can come in art deco, regency, victorian and edwardian styles.

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