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Shower Baths

Shower Baths

Fabricated with Perfection, Delivered with Love!

Bring Luxury to your Bathrooms: Buy Shower Baths

Many modern bathrooms do have space for separate baths and shower cubicles, and shower baths are becoming an increasingly popular solution. Designed with functionality as well as an appearance in mind, they can fit neatly into difficult layouts, with different sizes and shapes of unit available. These luxury shower baths are available in both left and right-handed configurations. Shower baths are also an affordable option for those wanting the option of both bath and shower.

Highest Quality, Superb Designs Shower Baths at Trade Plumbing

There is no reason why quality should be compromised when choosing a combined shower and bath. Hence, Trade Plumbing assures that we list the highest quality and budget-friendly shower baths to keep your bathroom appeal high. A vast variety consists of superb designs for those that want aesthetic appeal combined with the luxury of both indulgent baths and invigorating showers. Combined shower and baths are available to suit both traditional and more contemporary bathrooms. There are curved or flat glass shower screens to add style and practicality.

L Shaped Shower Baths

Designs available include curved p shaped bath and showers, made with reinforced acrylic, toughened safety glass and chrome fittings. An alternative to the traditional curved p shaped bath is the L shaped shower bath, with strong clean lines to suit modern and minimalist bathroom designs. This design also comes with polished chrome fittings to add contemporary style. It looks superb with an overhead rain shower which delivers a fantastic shower experience.

P shaped Baths

Showering in a standard family bath can be a cramped affair, so a Shower Bath is an ideal solution. Designed with a wider portion at one end of the bath - with a built-in shower screen to protect the bathroom from your shower's spray.

Best-fit shower baths for your bathrooms

When buying a combined shower and bath, consider how it will fit into your bathroom. This will include considerations of size, right or left-handed configuration and the style you are aiming for. It can be helpful to draw up a plan, and a bathroom designer can sometimes help to come up with the right layout if space is tight.