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Reina Designer Radiators

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Reina Radiators make products that don’t only heat your living space; they produce appliances that add a unique style to your home. They are designed by a multi-disciplinary team that understands not only how to produce highly efficient radiators, but also understands and applies the latest concepts and trends in interior design.

The primary function of a radiator is to heat your living space, though the term is something of a misnomer as a radiator really functions more like a convector; it heats the surrounding air which then circulates around your room. But some do much more than that; Reina Designer Radiators don’t just warm our rooms, they add a special style to our living spaces that make them unique places to be and the envy of our friends and neighbours.

In the past radiators were designed by heating engineers. They made a very good job of it too. New materials, new manufacturing techniques, and new design methodologies meant that the new modern slimmer designs were far more efficient than the old cumbersome appliances which they replaced.

However, one thing that these sleek modern radiators lacked was beauty, elegance and style. There is nothing particularly attractive about the standard ones that you are likely to find in almost any modern and new-build property; in fact they tend to be rather ugly. Rather than making them a central focus of our interior design as we might have done with an open fire, we tend to do our best to hide or at least to de-emphasise them.

Reina realised that today people want far more than basic functionality, and so set about creating an entirely new range that would augment any kind of living space. As well as radiating warmth into our living spaces, these new designer radiators would radiate style.

That they were highly successful in this venture is apparent from the many different and highly elegant designs that appear here. These products have been designed to inspire you and to compliment the overall design and décor of your home. Whether your home is contemporary, traditional or period in style, you will find that these will be a perfect match with it. Now, instead of hiding them, you can make them the perfect focal point of any living space.

Reina Designer Radiators radiate quality, beauty and style and increase the value of your home; be inspired.

Designer Ranges

Many people opt for standard style white radiators when decorating, but with the widening range of contemporary designs available it is worth choosing a radiator or towel rail to complement the rest of your decor.

This brand produce a large number of sleek radiators available in all shapes and sizes and in various different finishes. Produced with both style and function in mind, Reina radiators are heat efficient as well as aesthetically appealing.

Examples include finishes available in classic white, dark anthracite, polished chrome, stainless steel for an instant sharp, clean effect or brushed steel for contemporary style. Cylindrical styles make for an interesting alternative to the classic panel design, while single panels give a superb contemporary effect.

Tall vertical styles are superb for tight areas where space is a premium as well as giving a wow factor in larger areas. Sleek vertical panels are available in various contemporary finishes including polished, brushed or satin stainless steel and polished chrome. Products include minimalist styles with a single stainless steel panel, while others incorporate coloured designs. Long tubular designs fit in well with either contemporary or more traditional rooms.

Reina also produce a number of more unusual designs, such as those with elegant waved or curved designs. For tight spaces there is a stylish towel rail that also offers room to hang towels. These are a superb option for bathrooms due to their versatility and multiple functions as well as aesthetic appeal. Horizontal styles in polished stainless steel offer strong visual appeal for those wanting to create a heavy, industrial look. For those wanting something truly out of the ordinary there are distinctive and striking designs that are superb features in their own right.

Fitting and Installation

We recommend that you hire a professional to install your radiator unless you are experienced at DIY and plumbing. When considering which one to choose, bear in mind criteria such as required heat output for the room, shape and size of radiator, whether it is wall or floor mounted, and existing pipework.

Reina have recently become the name in the industry. Modern, sleek designs in finishes you just want to touch and appreciate, a designer radiator from Reina will always be a talking point - a feature of your interior design.

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