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TradeRad Radiators

TradeRad Radiators - Made for the Trade

The TradeRad ranges of radiators offer both the Trade & end user a fantastic variety of both high end and value for money in terms of product, the name TradeRad is simply what it is, a brilliant range of Radiators made for the Trade but also available via ourselves to the end user, guaranteeing you a product that is manufactured and recommended by Tradesman across the country.

The main product and often one of the most popular style of radiators found in most homes are the column radiators, TradeRad offer exclusively the "Premium" range which are avialable in many sizes in both horizontal & vertical in both White & Raw Metal Lacquer finshes, this "Premium" range is made from the highest quality material and each radiator is hand made in Italy where some of the finest radiators in the industry are crafted, the "Premium" range do come at a premium price but through ourselves we are able to offer these radiators at a fraction of the price, quality radiators do not come cheap but via TradeRad they come at extremely good value.

If you are on a tight budget then TradeRad offer their entry level Column Radiators in both horizontal and vertical but only available in White finish, these are called the "Value" range which are again extremely popular however these are a radiator that are more production line produced, and if you are looking to go a little more designer lead then there are a high-calibre range of Flat Tube & Oval/Round tube radiators available in their range.

We would highly recommend TradeRad as a brand, made specifically and targeted for the people within the industry who know quality, well crafted radiators and good value - and that are the tradesmen and women. 

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