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Combination Cylinder

Combination Cylinder

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Combination Cylinders

Combination hot water cylinders (or tanks) support the supply of both hot and cold water through separate sources and reservoirs.

The principal material of manufacture is copper, and there are alternatively direct (electric only, heating the water using an immersion tank within the cylinder) and indirect models, utilizing a central heating boiler.

How does a combination tank work?

A ‘gravity’ or ‘vented’ hot water combination cylinder uses gravity instead of water pressure, relying on a cold-water tank or the attached cold water cistern under normal pressure to feed the tank water, and the cylinder remains open to atmosphere conditions at all times. Then a heat source heats the water.  These appliances are well suited where in limited spaces, and when the installation of a remote tank is not an option.

A direct combination tank model can be designed for use on Economy 7 electric supplies, possiblywith twin immersion heaters and thicker insulation.

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