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Solar Hot Water Cylinders

Solar Hot Water Cylinders

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Solar Heating

A device for heating water using the sun’s energy, a solar heating water system is fast becoming a prime player in the arena of alternative energy appliances. It is a reliable source of energy and provides you with hot water through most months of a year.

Currently, there are two types of solar water heating systems available in the market. One is a flat plate collector, similar to the traditional solar panels in terms of looks, and the other is an evacuated tube collector, which is essentially a line of tubes that are attached to each other. Flat plate collectors can either be fixed or placed on the tiles of the roof or even integrated in it.

How do solar water heating systems work?

A solar heating system has solar panels, known as collectors, which are fitted onto the roof of your home. These collectors or solar panels collect the heat emitted from the sun to heat water during the day. This hot water is stored in a hot water or a solar heating cylinder. You can use a water immersion heater or a boiler, as a back up source to bring the temperature of the water to the desired level.

Benefits of a Solar Heating System

Though not the most affordable solution available, solar panel kits come with a number of benefits and long-term savings that help you overlook the initial costs.

- It provides hot water to a household through most of the months in a year. Though you may need to use a boiler or water immersion heater during the winter months, this system is adequate for all other seasons.
- This is an environment-friendly device and uses alternative renewable source of energy. This helps you do your bit for a greener environment by reducing carbon dioxide emissions and consequently cutting your carbon footprints.
- Though the initial set-up charges of a solar panel kit and a solar heating cylinder may seem to be high, you actually end up saving in the long-term. Your water then uses solar energy for heating which is absolutely free, thereby reducing your hot water bills.

Few Things to Consider before Installing a Solar Water Heating System:

- Ensure that there is at least 5 metres of space on the roof of your home that gets adequate sunlight.
- Arrange for space for another hot water cylinder in your home. You can either replace the existing one or install another cylinder dedicated for your solar heating system.
- Check whether your existing boiler is compatible with a solar heating system or not.

A solar water heating system is a green way of fulfilling your household needs for hot water, while saving you costs on bills and maintenance.

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