Vented Direct Hot Water Cylinders

Vented Direct Hot Water Cylinders

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What is a Direct Hot Water Cylinder?

A direct hot water cylinder is an electric water heater that stores your hot water in an insulated tank and allows you to draw it off and use it for bathing and washing throughout the day. A hot water tank is made from either copper or stainless steel. Electric water heating is a convenient solution where a flat or business does not have a gas supply, or wants to avoid installing a boiler.

Electric Hot Water - is it costly?

A direct water cylinder is designed to bring your water up to temperature as quickly as possible and store it for use when you need it. If your hot water tank is properly insulated, the heat loss will be slow and you should find that you still have hot water in your tank at the end of the day to the last pieces of washing up. An ideal choice for an electric-only home is to have economy 7 hot water. This means that your electric water cylinder will heat up when your electricity is cheapest, making it as cost-efficient as possible for you.

Will I run out of hot water?

Direct water tanks come in a full range of sizes.

Unvented (pressurised) direct cylinders are available in the metric sizes 90L, 120L, 150L, 180L, 210L, 250L and 300L, meaning that they can be installed practically anywhere - from a small maisonette for one to a large family home or office block.

Vented (unpressurised) direct cylinders are available in a range of capacities. What is interesting is that this type of cylinder is specified by height and width, in imperial inchest. We stock two sizes of copper and stainless steel vented direct cylinders and are able to arrange direct delivery of other sizes, should you need them.

Insulating my Direct Hot Water Tank

By law, all standard new hot water cylinders must be manufactured to include an industry-specified amount of insulation. Insulation technologies are such that these new forms of coating can provide the level of insulation required to prevent fast heat loss, whilst minimising the increase in the diameter of the hot water cylinder. This is ideal if you are fitting your hot water tank in a tight space. Wherever possible, we always recommend that you increase the insulation on your electric water tank by fitting a cylinder jacket. If you don't have a cylinder jacket, try using a spare duvet.