Waste Macerator

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Waste Macerators

Many people have sought to improve their houses by creating extra bathrooms or toilets within their houses. This could be to install a general extra facility or to create an en suite facility for bedrooms.

However, in order to do this work in areas that don't have the necessary full plumbing installed, a waste macerator is needed to make it happen. Macerator pumps are designed to process any waste created and allow it to be fed back into the waste water for the building. They allow areas that are not fully plumbed in to be converted into bathrooms, toilets and the like, as long as they have access to water and power.

Trade Plumbing stock a variety of different waste macerators, including the very popular Saniflo range. They are available in a number of sizes, allowing rooms of all sizes to be converted. Make sure that the product you choose has the capacity to deal with the amount of waste you'll generate, as there can be very nasty problems if you get it wrong.

Installing a macerator pump and converting a previously unused space into a toilet or bathroom is a complex task that requires a lot of DIY experience and knowledge to carry out. As all these products combine water and electricity, there are many risks involved, and you should only proceed with the work yourself if you're sure it's safe. A professional plumber will be able to advise you on what work is required and you could, for instance, get them to install a Saniflo pump and associated equipment while you concentrate on installing the fixtures and fittings around the room.

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