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Towel Rails

Towel Rails

Fabricated with Perfection, Delivered with Love!

Trade Plumbing stocks a premium collection of heated towel rails (also common as towel radiators) to help you complete the look of your bathroom in a way never done before. These heated towel rails are an ideal investment when it comes to sparkling up your shower areas and bathrooms with a touch of modernity and hygiene.

Towel Radiators: Affordable Luxury Blended with Style

Like any other radiator in the house, just plumb a nicely designed and efficient towel radiator into your home’s central heating system. The reason why they are preferred across the UK is their low buying and running prices. As well as acting as a handy heater for cold and damp towels, a good towel heater can also subtly warm the air in your bathroom. There are small towel radiators that you can turn on while eliminating the need to switch on larger towel radiators or units. That’s gonna make a lot of difference in your expenditures!

When you decide to buy a towel rail radiator, Trade Plumbing blesses you with a big and unrivalled range of various styles and finishes of bathroom towel radiators. Once you scroll down the list, you will be allured by the designs that look like pieces of wall-hanging decor pieces more than a mere towel rail radiator.

The Unmatchable Heated Towel Rail Collection

There are 3 main styles - Designer, Traditional and Ladder. Designer heated towel rails are the more contemporary modern designs which are better suited to people who want it to be a focal point of their bathroom and are going for a modern look. People who love a vintage ambience around them mostly prefer a traditional towel radiator. Ladder towel rails are most appealing to those on a tighter budget or for those who are not too bothered about the overall look as these are the most basic in design and the cheapest style. The white ladder towel heaters are cheapest of all. At TradePlumbing, you can purchase towel radiators that have an additional heating element in them- that is what we call Dual Fuel Towel Rails.

Heated Towel Radiators- Innovate and Outshine the Rest! 

Wondering how are you going to hang these towel warmers to your bathroom wall? Our Towel radiator accessory list includes all the valves, hangers and various accessories. Make sure you check ‘You will Also Need’ sections of every product.

Small Heated Towel Rails: Ideal for Small Spaces

Does the size of a towel radiator matter? Yes, it does. The small heated towel rails are an ideal purchase if you aim for fitting them in a small space- A kitchen or a bathroom. Vertically erect and efficient designs make them a relatively modern invention, designed to provide an elegant solution to the problem of wet towels. The main purpose is to gradually warm towels so that they're ready for the bather after a bath or shower. Some of the newer models of these heated towel rails have been designed to provide enough heat to warm up your bathrooms, kitchens and attic spaces, but you need to check this first, before replacing your radiator. They are a fantastic addition to any space. Versatile, attractive and developed using the very latest technology, Trade Plumbing’s range of heated towel rail delivers exceptional heating solutions in a way that continues to impress bathroom designers, installers and suppliers across the globe. Store and dry your towels at the same time with an immaculately designed product that tops family wish-lists up and down the country!

Make a bold statement with sought-after models from leading manufacturers such as Kartell Uk Towel Rails, Reina Heated Towel Rails, Carisa Towel Radiators and many time-tested brands. If you plan to form the perfect central heating system for your place, Trade Plumbing gives you a marvellous and expansive list of heating and plumbing products. Low-cost, High-quality Radiators, Hot water Cylinders, Boilers and more such products are supposed to be your next wise picks!