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Designer heated towel rail

Designer heated towel rail

Fabricated with Perfection, Delivered with Love!

Designer Heated Towel Rail

A designer heated towel rail is a great way to make a bold and fresh design statement within your bathroom. This takes something that's normally purely functional and turns it into a central and eye-catching part of the design. We have a wide range of contemporary and modern designs that will suit any bathroom, and our pricing ensures that they'll suit your budget as well.

Designer towel radiators come in a number of different forms, with many of them looking completely different to the conventional designs you've become used to. Whichever you choose from our range, you can be sure that it will deliver the functional results you expect, as well as making a great design statement.

One way a designer towel radiator differs from the traditional is in their use of vertical space. Using the same principles that have made vertical radiators a popular choice elsewhere in the home, these designer heated towel rails go upwards, filling the wall and heading towards the ceiling. It's both a clever use of limited space and an eye-catching addition to your bathroom. A variety of heights are available, allowing you to choose just how much space it should fill.

Trade Plumbing stocks a wide range of designer heated towel rails, which means that you can find the perfect one for you. Our range of designer towel radiators come in a variety of sizes within each style. This means that you don't have to have a large bathroom to enjoy some of the best of modern design, but no matter what size of your bathroom is, we can supply you with a designer heated towel rail that will fit it perfectly.

Many of these products incorporate high quality heating systems as well, which means that you can replace an existing system with a designer towel radiator. It's a great way to refresh your bathroom design quickly and simply by adding in something with a much more modern look. If you're considering or in the middle of remodelling a bathroom, then take a look through our wide range and see how you can bring in something very different with a designer heated towel rail.

While their look is modern and contemporary, our range of designer heated towel rails are made to be connected to existing heat and power systems. Replacing existing radiators or towel rails with a designer towel radiator could be done by someone experienced in DIY, though care must be taken when dealing with complex systems like heating.

A professional plumber or heating engineer will be able to install designer towel radiators for you with minimal trouble. If you are planning to completely remodel and redesign your bathroom, it's worth speaking to a professional first as they'll be able to advise you on what's practical within your budget. Buying from our range, of course, will enable you to stretch that budget even further.

Designer Towel Rails

We have a huge selection of designer towel rails and designer towel radiators for you to choose from. Make your choice below between chrome and stainless steel and then browse through our wide ranges of designer rails.

Designer towel rails have the benefit of being both functional and also a great focal point for your new designer bathroom. The fact that space is usually limited in a bathroom means that a heated towel rail has the added benefit of taking up the minimum amount of room as your bathrooms heat source as well as storing and warming your towels.

A towel rail is simply a radiator that has been specially adapted for optimum functionality within a bathroom and a designer towel rail is a combination of this and also a real designer focal point for the room, something that stands out and can really be a sort of wow factor. They are not really designed to dry soaking wet towels as this may cause rusting however they do help dry your damp towels quickly and give you a nice attractive way to store them.

We have a huge variety of designer towel rails, designer towel radiators as well as kitchen sinks, bathroom taps, radiator valves and accessories for you to choose from. They come in chrome and stainless steel and in all sorts of shapes and sizes so you will certainly be able to find the right one for you.

Many of the designer rails in this section can be converted to duel fuel version meaning that an electric element will be used to heat the rail in the summer months. Many are also available in our electric designer towel rail section as electric only versions meaning that the towel rail will be heated solely by towel rail electric element.

If you are looking to make a bold statement with the accessories you choose in your home then our designer towel rails will give you what you are looking for, if on the other hand you are looking for something a little more modest then maybe something from ladder towel rails section would be more suitable.

Designer Heated Towel Rails In The Home

With so much competition nowadays in the designer heated towel rail market, manufacturers have really begun to excel themselves in the design and production of their towel rails. The winner in all of this being the customer, as it has led to a vast range of designer heated towel rails for you to choose from.

Whether it be a traditional style heated towel rail or a more modern one; every taste has been catered for. Furthermore, with the advancements in the materials used to produce designer heated towel rails for the home, it has led to greater energy efficiency, higher durability and a fantastic guarantee across the board.

If you are not one for always sticking to convention, then a designer heated towel rail would be ideal for you... Guaranteed to be a conversation starter with any visitor to your lovely home. A conventional heated towel rail will also heat your towels and home but it won't do it with the style or panache of a designer heated towel rail...

Heated towel rails in the home – There certainly is something to love about a heated towel rail, providing you with lovely, warm and fluffy towels for after that relaxing soak in the bathtub, or that invigorating shower after a long day at work. The further benefit of having a heated towel rail in your home is that on top of those warm, fluffy towels is warming the surroundings of the heated towel rail; this meaning that you and your towels can benefit from the delightful warmth that a heated towel rail brings.