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Chrome Ladder Heated Towel Rails

Chrome Ladder Heated Towel Rails

Chrome Ladder Heated Towel Rails - A standard in today's home

Heated towel rails – There certainly is something to love about a heated towel rail, providing you with lovely, warm and fluffy towels for after that relaxing soak in the bathtub, or that invigorating shower after a long day at work. The further benefit of having a heated towel rail in your home is that on top of those warm, fluffy towels is warming the surroundings of the heated towel rail; this meaning that you and your towels can benefit from the delightful warmth that a heated towel rail brings. 

A chrome heated towel rail is now a common sight in renovated bathrooms across the UK. Also found in high-end hotels and bathrooms, the chrome heated towel warmer is part a staple of a bathroom as the bath and taps.

Offering you a choice of sizes so that you can fit a towel rail to existing pipework, TradePlumbing's Chrome Towel Rails offer you the best in quality at an affordable price. We have a range of Chrome towel rails that will give you the choice of gaps between the bars, meaning you can select a towel warmer that will suit your family's bathing needs.

Chrome towel rails are easy to maintain - simply wipe with a soft cloth once a week or when there is significant amounts of moisture on the rail.

Chrome heated towel rails for bathrooms are easy to accessorise as we can offer a wide choice of chrome towel rail valves to match your design.

chrome towel radiator

chrome towel radiator is and has been a standard feature in any bathroom or kitchen now for the last 20 years it’s an item that is used you ease as well as utilitarian use. Once these were the only items you would see in a commercial establishment like a Hotel or spa now it’s a home use items and is in most builds a specified item the main products that are used are chrome towel radiators as they are much cheaper to use than stainless steel, But there is a catch as with chrome items it’s a product that is mild steel covered in a chrome finish the product is made from steel and can have the tendency to rust if not upkept well it needs constant cleaning and wiping no leaving of damp towels or wet rooms must be on to dry or wiped down we never recommend to put wet towels on a none functioning chrome towel radiator or it will rust and this is not covered within most manufacturers warranties and strange as it might seem its not really well suited looks nice but does need a upkeep to keep it nice and shinning and it can be done just have a dry microfiber cloth in the room of the product and wipe it down after each use of any item that creates steam or damp wipe it down keep it dry and it will last.

These are very beautiful to look at and can set the bathroom off in a tremendous way also the chrome towel radiator can be used to reflect coloured lighting so make it look really posh and up market and its quite inexpensive if your just using a ladder version there are very designer versions but do remember if its made of mild steel its not going to last more than 5 – 10 years in a damp room can be 1-2 years if not looked after as explained above so we recommend with a rented property it pro better to have a smaller stainless steel product so lease upkeep needed.