Column Radiators

Column Radiators

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Column radiators are classic elements of many homes and are excellent value for money when it comes to heat dispersal and energy savings. However radiators may also serve an aesthetic as well as functional purpose, and with this in mind many manufacturers are incorporating contemporary ideas of simplicity and style into their designs. Column styles that look good are welcome additions to the home and have the ability to fit into both traditional and modern styled rooms.

These come in various shapes and sizes to suit different wall spaces including tight corners, low spaces underneath windows and narrow areas. Generally the larger the dimensions, the higher the heat output. However both 1 and 2 are available, with a 2 providing more heat than a 1. Heat output is measured in British Thermal Units (BTU).

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The Revive Range featured includes a number of models in various sizes. Vertical styles are a superb choice for narrow spaces and high ceilings, and can either blend in or bring a strong statement to the room. They are available in heights from 892 mm to 1992 mm and widths from 398 mm to 490 mm.

3 column radiator

Traditional horizontal styles are available in heights from 300 mm to 600 mm and widths from 628 mm to 1686 mm. 

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Home of Ultra column radiators from leading manufacturers Ultra incorporate contemporary simplicity with high quality materials and superb heat output. They are available in both vertical and horizontal designs, with heights from 300 mm to 1800 mm and widths from 270 mm to 990 mm.

A Diverse Range from Trade Plumbing

The reason you will want to buy a column radiator is that it looks like a cast-iron radiator, but it is far more efficient which is good for your pocket.  It is also far lighter than a traditional cast iron radiator which means that it is easier to install and can be mounted on stud walls rather than just on strong brickwork.

Modern versions are better value for money than traditional cast-iron victorian school ones and can be used in every room in your house including your bedroom, lounge and other family rooms.

Column rads can be thermostatically controlled which means you can make the temperature in any room perfect for your comfort.

In recent years, there has been many changes in the product's design. There is now an abundance of decorative styles available providing a many new interior design possibilities. Column Radiators are one of the big winners in this trend. They can now be a stylish focal point of a rooms design rather than just a functional item used for heating.

The Column range is at the forefront of this trend, turning any humble radiator into a focal point. Our Column radiators are manufactured using special laser-welding technology, this gives a greater finish as the welds are seemingly invisible.

We also have on offer a number of different fixing options, including column radiator feet, a variety of valves and brackets.

Here at we have a large stock of this range. This stock comprises of a range of heights, widths, column numbers and colours.

Time for an Update?

If you are looking to update your home décor, but don’t want to go overboard with price or have a complete overhaul in style, then maybe you could consider a new set of radiators. A new radiator can breathe new life into a room, and also heat it more efficiently too.

If you want one but want to stay fairly traditional with its aesthetics then a column radiator could be the ideal solution for you and your home. It can also offer a real sense of class to a room.

2 column radiators

They come in various shapes and sizes, so you will be able to find one to suit your specific taste and needs. If you are looking for something a little different; then a vertical style will be perfect for you, and due to their stature, these can fit in the tightest of corners.