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Column Radiators

Column Radiators

Fabricated with Perfection, Delivered with Love!

Column radiators at Trade Plumbing are a mandatory purchase for you if you seek a heating product that is high-end and premium-quality. These column rads offer excellent value for money when it comes to heat dispersal and energy savings. Heating radiators are not only a source of heating but they complete your room’s vista; Modern and traditional column radiators go with your room’s themes to give a welcoming gesture to the dwellers. Column radiators or designer radiators are a breakthrough in the UK's radiator industry as they are no more heating boxes but a source of styling your homes and offices while keeping them cosy and comfy. 

A Fabulous Range of Cheap Column Radiators for Sale!

The featured Column Radiator Range at Trade Plumbing covers a variety of unconventional models in multiple colours and sizes. Both horizontal and vertical rads are superb purchases for your homes. Particularly, the vertical radiators are designed to slenderly adjust to narrow spaces and high ceilings, as these can either blend in or bring a strong statement to the room. 

Know your choices for Column Style Radiators

Many radiator manufacturers are incorporating contemporary ideas of minimalism and luxury into their designs. Column radiator styles include multiple column combos; There are 2 column radiators, 3 column radiators, 4 column radiators. Column radiators with larger dimensions produce higher heat output. However, both 1 and 2 col rads are available, with a 2 providing more heat than a 1 column radiator. You can choose any style you want according to the heating outputs (BTUs) your space requires. 

4 Column Radiators

Trade Plumbing is home to ultra-modern column radiators, coming from leading UK manufacturers. The designs instil a sense of simplicity blended with high-quality materials, functioning to provide superb heat output. 4 column radiators at our heating store are available in both vertical and horizontal designs, with heights from 300 mm to 1800 mm and widths from 270 mm to 990 mm; the depth typically is 136 mm.

3 Column Radiators

Before you buy column radiators make sure you scroll down a list of valuable and stylish column radiators at Trade Plumbing. These are available in various shapes, styles, themes and sizes to fit adequately in every wall space: tight corners, low spaces underneath windows and narrow areas. 3 column horizontal radiator styles are available in heights from 300 mm to 600 mm and widths from 628 mm to 1686 mm; the depth is typically 100mm.

2 Column Radiators

2 column radiators are ideal for spaces where depth is a concern. You want a less depth radiator that can give an adequate amount of heat while covering less space. There are different sizes and styles like vertical and horizontal; Typically they are 62 mm in depth. If you are looking for a column radiator that can fit in the tightest of corners, then vertical column radiators are perfect.

Best Column Radiators:  Innovated through Cutting-edge Technology

In recent years, there have been many innovations due to evolution in technology and hence, the radiators designs and efficiencies have advanced too. Column Radiators are one of the big winners in this trend. They are a focal point of a room's interior design, therefore modern designs and high quality and artful manufacturing carry weight; All of which you will find at Trade Plumbing!

The Column range is at the forefront of this trend, turning any humble radiator into a focal point. Our Column radiators are manufactured using special laser-welding technology, this gives a greater finish as the welds are seemingly invisible. Additionally, we have Anthracite column radiators, Steel column radiators, White column radiators, Grey column radiators, Black column radiators that cover all your needs for aesthetics, design and heating.

Modern Column Radiators: Satisfy your Home's Modern Needs

As traditional never goes out of fashion, modern keeps evolving. Your home's modern needs demand you to buy modern radiators to roll well with the vista of your space. There is a giant list of modern radiators that we bring forward for you. Buy the one that allures your space!

A new radiator can breathe new life into a room, and also heat it more efficiently too. Trade Plumbing also offers a number of different fixing options, including column radiator feet, a variety of valves and brackets.

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