Designer Radiators

Designer Radiators

Designer Radiators

Manufacturers and design companies have really upped their game in recent years to bring their customers wide-ranging collection that will integrate perfectly into bathrooms of any style and décor. Designer radiators act as an eye-catching centrepiece within your living environment and combine elegance, style and a detailed sophistication that sets off all other features, all the while offering you the opportunity to heat your space to a comfortable level at any time of year.

Express your individuality and choose a budget-friendly design that’ll be a guaranteed conversation-starter in your home. Why settle for typical styles and builds when you could explore the latest fashions and trends by browsing the contemporary collection stocked by Trade Plumbing? The traditional bulky white radiator will do its job but won’t add anything to your living space. We’ve got everything covered, from multi-tiered racks to heavy-duty black units and elegant pillar panels.

Cheap designer radiators crafted from stainless steel remain timeless options for many but the industry has evolved to accommodate other materials, including aluminium, cast iron and chrome. There are pros and cons associated with each finish but your decision will ultimately be influenced by the kind of look and feel you’re going for within your bathroom and will be determined by any space limitations.

High Quality Products at Affordable Prices

Though we have plenty of affordable products on offer, they are still of an extremely high quality and have been developed to last for years to come. That’s why many of these items will come with extensive guarantees as standard – be sure to check the product descriptions for more information on the cover offered by the manufacturer. Aside from it’s initial aesthetic appeal, you’ll also need to look at the value it can bring to your home and the amount of British thermal units (BTUs) it will need to emanate in order to effectively maintain a sustainable warmth in your bathroom. If you need any help establishing what these figures mean and need advice as to which kind of radiator to go for, our staff will gladly be of assistance.

Call us to discuss any of our products in more detail if you’d like to learn more about their specifications. We’ll be happy to recommend ideas if you’re feeling uninspired, too! If you can’t quite find the one you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact our team, as we are able to track down specific products from a wide variety of sources. We’ll always strive to provide you with the best product at the best price!

The Ultimate in Home Luxury and Desire

With the current trend and their obvious desirability, don't be the one to fall behind in the quest for ultimate home luxury. The term seems to be banded about the plumbing industry rather a lot.

A designer radiator is generally considered to be a luxury item constructed from the best raw materials available. It also goes against the traditional design, where it is not just an implement to convey heat, it is also a decorative piece to be marveled at.

Nowadays, it is possible to have both style and substance with your designer radiators. It can turn a tired looking room into a place of real comfort and luxury, a place that you now want to spend your time. The reason for this being not just their beautifully and well crafted aesthetics, but also through the way they have been manufactured.

Nowadays, it is seen as so much more than just purely functional devices to heat their surroundings. It has become a further form of self-expression within the home. Manufacturers have really begun to create home appliances of real grace and beauty. What also can be contemporary radiators for bedrooms to modern kitchen radiators its all changing and even in these places its a important feature radiator for the home.