Vertical Designer Radiators

Vertical Designer Radiators

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Vertical Radiators Direct to You

Trade Plumbing is an acknowledged provider of vertical radiators direct to UK families and select trade outlets. We offer a comprehensive range of proven products at prices that put versatile vertical flat radiators and vertical double radiators within easy reach of almost any budget. This releases you to enjoy the benefits of energy-efficient heating throughout your home wherever you may be. What’s more, you get the added value of Trade Plumbing’s peace of mind guarantee for free.
Our vertical radiators are so chic and stylish that they add value to any home. Get extra discounts when you order vertical double radiators and vertical flat radiators directly from this website while the offer lasts. Come home to stylish heating that makes the neighbours envious. Sleep peacefully all night long. Welcoming warmth will be there for you every morning when you awake.

Your Money Goes Further with Trade Plumbing

  • Best UK quality obtainable
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  • Free “life time” guarantee

Your Choice of Vertical Flat Radiators

Our slim line vertical flat radiators are all the rage in London where modular living is in demand by rich and famous people. You’ll just love the practical, easy-cleaning finish of the flat vertical radiators that we supply. Customers adore the way they blend so seamlessly into any décor. Enjoy minimalist styling you deserve.

Vertical Double Radiators for Any Setting

We are experiencing unprecedented demand for our new range of double vertical radiators that are as energy-efficient as they look good on walls of any UK home. Their breath-taking design permits a super-efficient flow of air between the panels. It’s no wonder so many families insist on Trade Plumbing vertical double radiators for their heating comfort every day.

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Vertical radiators

Designer vertical radiators are very popular in homes today. Slim vertical column radiators are often seen in contemporary home designs and provide a real and distinctive alternative to conventional radiator systems.

A vertical radiator can come in a variety of styles and sizes, meaning that you can find one to suit your home. Trade Plumbing also stock a number of cheap vertical radiators so you don't have to break the bank in order to equip yourself with the latest styles.

One advantage of vertical column radiators is that their distinctive look and shape means they take up less horizontal space than a conventional radiator, allowing you much more flexibility in placing furniture about a room. They provide a high level of heat output, so there are no worries about keeping the place warm with a vertical radiator installed.

The variety of sizes and styles means that you can easily find vertical radiators that suit your house and style without needing to change everything to fit around them. With a variety of heights available, you can find radiators that will suit your house perfectly, and Trade Plumbing's selection of cheap vertical radiators will make it easy for you to stay well within your budget.

Installing these new radiators is a tricky task as it involves dealing with the heating system, and ensuring that they're safely mounted on the wall. You should consult with a plumber or heating engineer before attempting any work like this, as there are a number of potential risks in doing it yourself without the proper tools or knowledge.

Designer Vertical Radiators from TradePlumbing

A vertical radiator is a definite feature piece in a lounge, kitchen, dinining room or other living space.  Designer vertical radiators make a bold statement and provide a high level of heat output. A vertical radiator will give your home a unique style.

A vertical radiator is sometimes also known as a long radiator, tall radiator or upright radiator.  Generally, they're large radiators and are mostly narrow or slim.