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Hot Water Cylinders

Hot Water Cylinders

Fabricated with Perfection, Delivered with Love!

Hot water cylinders are a part and parcel of UK homes. Investing in the right one for your home is a sure way to reaping enormous benefits. Heated water coming from a source like immersion heater or boiler is fed to the cylinders and stored. You can fetch the hot water any time from these storage heating systems- Ah what a relief it is to get warm waters in chilling weathers!

Hot water does not have to be an expensive luxury, however it must be easy-to-get and a blend of affordability and longevity! And, these attributes are not-so-easy-to-find in every online product, lest that you are buying it at Trade Plumbing. For these appliances to give maximum efficiency, it is essential to shop wisely and remember the term ‘waste not, want not’ ! For this you have to ensure that you select the appropriate size, style, and material for your hot water tank or cylinder.

Explore various Types of Hot Water Cylinders - Buy the BEST-fit!

Trade Plumbing offers a vast range of sizes and hot water tanks with variable capacities. The strategic use of premium quality materials in every product on our online store ensures that our energy-efficient water cylinders are a representation of style and excellence. They surely are! As they come from UK's leading brands and offer a versatile range of hot water tanks and cylinders. A plethora of options can sometimes be dazzling!

We are here to guide you to help you buy top quality hot water tank or cylinder that will be most suitable for your needs. You are welcomed to scroll up and down and explore a variety: Electric or Pressurised hot water cylinders, Direct Unvented hot water cylinder or Unvented Indirect hot water cylinder, and more at Trade Plumbing. Also, it is a fine option to go for an insulated hot water cylinder it can retain heat for very long periods of time also it reduces any standby heat loss.

Hot Water Cylinder Sizes: A great deal!

We can’t stress enough the importance of finding the correctly sized hot water cylinder. Fitting a water cylinder which is too large for its purpose will result in a loss of energy, due to an excess of heat being used, which in turn will have a negative impact on your energy bills. In these trying economic times, every chance to save money cannot be missed

On the other hand, small hot water cylinders can have a similarly adverse effect, leading to hot water running out quickly and of course the inevitable inconvenience, grouchiness, even family arguments this entails! Hot water storage units are generally found in an airing, or are installed to fit a cupboard. With the warmth that is radiated from the cylinder it is a great way of keeping your towels and bed sheets lovely and warm. It is also great for drying off damp clothes that have come straight from the wash.

You can easily buy unvented hot water cylinder sizes: 120, 150, 180, 200, 210, 250, 300 and 500 litre capacities. In line with a chain of fascinating products, our hot water tanks and cylinders are built to last, with many carrying a 25 year guarantee.

Hot Water Tanks - vented or unvented?

Many customers looking to buy the best hot water cylinder may not be well versed with the difference between vented and unvented cylinder. However, understanding the two different types of hot water cylinders is vital in making the right decision. Your choice will have to depend on whether you go for direct or indirect hot water cylinder- That depends upon how your mains water is fed into the system. 

A vented hot water cylinder uses a vent pipe to allow water to be fed and stored in your cold water storage tank; from there, it is distributed to different appliances around the home. You may be attracted to vented cylinders, as they are often the more affordable option to purchase and install. Capacity varies, and can reach 500 litres. It is connected to a header tank, which is generally found in your loft.

An unvented hot water cylinder works by the direct supply from the mains water. If you don't want to rely on cold water storage tanks and extra pipework, you may opt unvented cylinders, as they provide hot water constantly.

Both options have their respective pros and cons. By analysing your heating needs and your budget bracket, you can safely and wisely land at the right product. This will lead you to make a long-lasting investment and at Trade Plumbing you can get your hand on the most affordable and durable water heaters.

We never compromise on quality, offering you excellent value for money hot water cylinders. Our deals are unbeatable and, thanks to our fast delivery service! No more wait and you can enjoy the best hot water tanks and cylinders right away!

Explore a Variety of Materials: Buy hot water tanks Online!

We take care to use only the sturdiest, most appropriate, and perfectly fitting materials for the task of building our tanks and cylinders, which is the reason we are trusted by so many loyal customers.

Copper hot water cylinders and those manufactured through stainless steel are becoming increasingly popular in providing hot water for domestic use. One of the properties of stainless steel is that it is much more durable than copper, meaning that with stainless steel the wall of the hot water cylinder can be thinner, allowing for a greater storage capacity.

With the added pressure that comes with an unvented hot water cylinder, it is imperative that you get a professional to help you with hot water cylinder installation. As in some extreme cases, the cylinder may explode from the water pressure inside it.

A hot water cylinder is a fantastic purchase for you as it makes it easy and quick for you to get that pile of washing dishes and clothes done the right away! Having installed this water tank at your place will allow you to enjoy a wonderfully pressurised, refreshing warm shower, or a delightful, soothing, soak in the tub, a rejuvenating experience at the end of a long, busy day.