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Bath Screens

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Bath Screens

It is not uncommon to slip on a watery bathroom floor, and sustain broken bones or a dislocated hip. A bath screen or shower curtain is used to prevent water from making a mess outside the shower area. A bath screen is a better option compared to shower curtains as they are easy to clean and dry, and do not gather mildew like shower screens bath. A bath screen also prevents water from splashing outside the bath tub, unlike shower curtains. Having a shower screen bath makes your bathroom appear modern and aesthetically pleasing. Shower screens also protect your bathroom flooring from water damage over time. The transparency of a bath screen creates the illusion of greater space and you can choose the degree of translucency you require to ensure privacy.

There are many varieties of shower bath screens. You can choose between options such as:

- Fully-framed
- Half-framed
- Half-framed radius glass
- 2-panel sliding screens
- Sail bath design
- 4-fold bath screen and many others

Choose a design that suits your needs and the space you have to fit the screen. Fully framed shower bath screens provide maximum stability and efficient seal protection against water leakage, but their design is pretty conventional and might not impress some buyers. 2-panel sliding screens require a bath with a wide brim, compared to the single panel designs. Single panel bath and shower screens do not provide much water seepage protection and they are selected more for their design than function. Half-framed and 4-fold bath screens give the bathroom a spa like appearance.

Installing bath and shower screens can be very tricky and you should attempt to do it yourself only if you have prior experience with electrical tools and installation of heavy units. You will need a drill, a drill bit, suitable Rawl plugs, measuring tape, sealant, marker, screws and a screwdriver. Use safety precautions such as goggles to protect your eyes from saw dust. If you are unfamiliar with using any of the above mentioned apparatus, it is advisable to call up a professional and have him do this for you. Get someone to assist you during installation, as you will be handling glass and need to be very careful. Also ensure that the bathroom floor is dry and you have adequate lighting before you proceed to install the bath screen.

Shower Screens and Bath Screens

A bath screen, sometimes known as a shower screen is designed to fit to one end of your bath and allow you to use your bath for showering whilst preventing your bathroom from becoming soaked with spray from your shower. Although shower curtains are still popular in some households, they can be problematic as they do not afford the same level of protection as a Shower Screen.

Bath screens come in a wide variety of styles, including multiple folding shower screens such as a 3 fold shower screen and a 4 fold shower screen, bi fold shower screens, hinged shower screens, and sliding shower screens over bath.

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