Shop by Heat Output (BTUs)

Shop by Heat Output (BTUs)

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High Output Radiators

Now you can conveniently glide through a plethora of radiators at Trade Plumbing. This category allows you to view and buy radiators by heat output or BTUs.

To find the right radiator to fit your home, Step 1 is to know how many BTUs you require to heat your space sufficiently. Step 2 is to glide through the ranges above. Step 3 is to hit the Buy Now Button. And, your dream of a cosy and warm home is on its way to becoming a reality!

It is a moment of relief and satisfaction to find your exact radiator match. Keeping the customer's convenience in mind, this category has been designed. You can find out the apt radiator heat outputs your room requires, at Trade Plumbing’s best and accurate BTU Calculator in UK. Consider this as a gadget to save you time and money. Accuracy is important here. You must know that the wrong calculation of BTU radiators can lead you to buy the wrong radiator. The result is a cold room and a heated mind. You will have to invest in a second heat source. Be informed that the right BTU Radiator calculation is done right only at Trade Plumbing!

The perfectly heated home is a presentation of efficient and adequate power consumption. This is what we help you find easily and online at our plumbing and heating store. We are the experts and we give the best advice. We know you need to know this one before you go further.

Important Radiator Note: One important thing to remember the more water in your radiators the more your boiler needs to heat so the idea is to get radiators the right sizes so it's not heating unnecessary thermal fluid e.g water with chemicals inside the hydraulic water-filled central heating system.

BTU Radiators Ranges at Trade Plumbing

You can easily explore the range of radiators including designer, column, anthracite, electric, aluminium radiators, high output vertical radiators and more. The above high output radiator ranges cover the following BTUs:

-3000 BTU radiator

-4000 BTU radiator

-5000 BTU radiator

-6000 BTU radiator- these are fit for your living rooms.

-Higher Output Radiators with BTUs 7000 BTU radiator to 11000 BTU radiators range is available to heat your spaces that are wider and bigger.

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