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Water Softeners

Water Softeners

Soft on your skin

Protecting the natural oils in your skin, soft water prevents dryness and various skin conditions, making sure it stays silky smooth and soft.

Enjoy a more luxurious bath Relax and enjoy luxurious bubbles that last longer in the bath. Soft water will make your shampoo more effective, give your hair a soft silky shine and make your soap products go much further. With less cleaning to do, you can enjoy pampering yourself that little bit more!

Soft on your clothes

Gentle on your laundry, soft water creates a richer lather and uses up to 50% less detergent in your washing machine. It leaves your clothes cleaner and brighter, your towels fresher and fluffier and your whites whiter.

Soft on your pocket

With a more efficient heating system, your house will be warmer, and your fuel bills lower. The difference soft water will make around the home with your time and money is significant and with all the benefits of luxurious soft water, you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

Kitchens and bathrooms are much easier to keep clean with soft water. Without the build up of scale and water spotting, fittings require less cleaning – saving you time and money on detergents and cleaning products.


"Soft water will revitalise your hot water system by reversing the symptoms of hard water. Soft water dissolves and washes away the scale in your plumbing, naturally returning its original condition and improving heating efficiency by up to 70%"

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