Standard Panel Radiators

Standard Panel Radiators

Central heating radiators

Central heating radiators are used to distribute the heat from a boiler as part of a hot water heating system. The panel radiators on offer here are presently the most common style of central heating radiator in British homes.

Panel radiators, also known as convector radiators, are the most visible part of the hot water circulation systems that heat most homes in the U.K. Heat can be transferred by diffusion, conduction, radiation, and convection. In a hot water heating system with convector radiators, water is heated by a boiler and then circulated in pipes around the rooms of a house. In each room or large hallway, there is typically a radiator that is part of the water circulation system. The hot water enters each radiator through a pipe, passes through a valve, circulates through the radiator, and leaves through a pipe. When the water has passed through the entire system, it returns to the boiler for reheating.

When a radiator is filled with hot water, its metal shell conducts the heat to its outside surface, and then the heat is radiated to all of the surfaces in the room that are in line with the radiator. The heat being radiated is also absorbed by the air, which then circulates it throughout the space by rising when it is warm and falling once it cools. This is called convection.

A central heating radiator is typically regulated by a thermostatic radiator valve on the input pipe. This valve slows the flow of water when the room becomes warm. However, it doesn’t affect the operation of the boiler.

These plain white radiators are a classic and practical choice for your home. They have a slim profile and do not occupy much space. Because they have been in use for decades, they match the existing radiators in many homes. If you are expanding your home, expanding your heating system, or need to replace an existing radiator with one that's higher capacity, then one of these radiators will perfectly suit your needs. Although these radiators are a subtle and space saving addition to a room in the standard white, they can be painted a variety of colours to coordinate with any decorating scheme.

These central heating radiators are available off-the-shelf in a very wide variety of sizes. A heating system can be precisely and economically designed to supply exactly the amount of warmth that’s needed in each room using these radiators. There’s no need for expensive bespoke radiators and there’s no need to over-design.

Sometimes the simplest answer is the best. Choose these classic panel radiators for value, sound mechanical design, compact physical design and flexibility in decorating.

Central Heating Radiator Prices - Buying Panel Radiators from TradePlumbing

These heating radiators are supplied from a warehouse in the UK, direct to your door. The flat panel radiator is a standard in most homes in the UK. Home heating radiators are used to warm rooms by means of central heating. These are convector radiators - either single panel or double panel, providing the highest efficiency possible with a steel panel convector radiator. Dazzling white, high gloss stove-enamelled finish. Scratch corrosion - resistant and long lasting. Attractive end-panels and top grilles fitted as standard. Can be removed for cleaning purposes. Maximum heating efficiency - BIASI sets a new performance standard. The convector fins are welded directly to the waterways, increasing the extent of the effective heating surface. Available in five heights - 300, 400, 500, 600, 700mm - and a wide range of lengths from 300mm up to 1800mm.