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Horizontal Designer Radiators

Horizontal Designer Radiators

Horizontal Radiators

The radiator, the very source of heat and comfort for your home. Radiators are an integral part to heating a living space; with an abundance of choice in regards to radiators nowadays, the classic horizontal radiator is often or easily forgotten when it comes to choosing the ideal radiator for your home...

Horizontal radiators, also known as traditional radiators, to this day are still highly desirable in many homes across the country. With so many designs to choose from, whether it be a classic look or something a bit more contemporary, then it can be catered for with a horizontal radiator.

With the ever increasing interest in designer radiators, manufacturers are now applying a very modern and stylish twist to the traditional horizontal radiator. With all of this choice, you are sure to find the ideal horizontal radiator for you...

Flat panel horizontal radiators

small horizontal radiators

As with all Designer radiators of the 20 century things have changed in size there is now better materials allowing a much smaller radiator design and having the ability to have a gratter heat output than the older types of small designer ranges of radiators we have collected now a large selection and always recommend to use our BTU calculator to make sure you buy the correct radiator of the right size.

modern horizontal radiators

The Modern radiator has always been a horizontal product and is sill the most sold angle just due tot he way it can be situated under a window to keep the heat radiating in the room as with vertical radiators these would be next to a window or in a area of the room distributing the what its normally safer to have a horizontal as the way the air will convect over a horizontal coverage and crate less cool spots in the room as the heating is more manageable and distributed.

long horizontal radiator

If you have really long space you want to fill and want to make a feature then we have a choice of long designer radiators that would suite your room type and style its important to make a feature of the room and make sure this is the correct type that makes the horizontal radiator look in place and with a longer room you need a longer radiator to match. 

low horizontal radiators

The lower radiators can be more wider and deeper to keep the heat needed in the room we always recommend to check the heat needed for the room and if you need a low level radiator to pick one that matches the outputs as it can be very easy to pick a radiator that looks right and not heat the room meaning a complete wast of time as you get to many cold spots in the room and it just crates a very unpleasant environment and home or office.

narrow horizontal radiators

If you need to have a very narrow radiator it will normally need to be of a bigger size to generate the heat needed for the room we have some very good looking radiators 

high output horizontal radiators

YOu can get a very high heat output radiator for large rooms or conservatories as the heat is lost through the ceiling it requires higher heating outputs to compensate the heat loss we always recommend you use a heat loss calculator to make sure you need a high output radiator as it will mean a larger costs to run and use. these kinds of radiators can be a bit more pricey due to the amount of material needed and intricate work on the convectors most high heat rads need to have more convectors meaning more surface area to heat.


horizontal bathroom radiators

When you looking to heat a bathroom it can be a bit of a minefield as the bathroom environment is damp, wett, misty, and can create rust in standard types of radiators it not good to have a steel convector radiator setuatied in a wet room as this will just create a rusty poll o the floor. We recommend to pick your material ceferly meaning none rusting products IE aluminum and STainless steel or Brass, these will create a longevity in the environment if are updated correctly they will need wiping down and cleaning protecting as no radiator can last in a damp place looking beautiful with out a clean it will start to look tired we recommend microfiber stainless cloths and some heat resistant polish make them look there best and maybe a wipe down after use. 

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