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Dual Fuel Radiators

Dual Fuel Radiators

Fabricated with Perfection, Delivered with Love!

Dual Fuel Radiators: Convenient Switch Modes

In British summers, the erratic temperatures don’t let you decide whether to turn your radiators on or keep them off. While the central heating is at a halt, and you have just stepped out of a shower, the chills will compel you to turn on the radiator of your room. Only dual fuel radiators can help you here, as they allow you to switch on the solo radiator of any room you want, without having to start the entire central heating system. At Trade Plumbing, you find plenty of designs and colours for these convenient and efficient dual-fuel standard radiators. If you are a UK resident, the dual fuel radiators are a must-have item for you. The factor that makes our products stand out in the heating and plumbing supplier market is the excellence and quality we deliver. We offer a one-stop solution to a wide spectrum of radiators, towel rails, hot water cylinders, and more such heating products. Big Discounts. On premium radiators will allure you!

Horizontal Dual Fuel Radiators

We, at Trade Plumbing, know what it means to find a radiator that 100% fits in with the voice of your space. We stock a diverse range of styles and designs to meet your heating and styling needs. Horizontal Dual Fuel Radiators or Vertical Dual Fuel Radiators: You can buy a dual fuel radiator that has a horizontal design, or if it is dual fuel designer radiator with a traditional or modern touch. Go with something that syncs with your room’s theme. 

Vertical Dual Fuel Radiators

Vertical Dual Fuel Radiators are a perfect pick of yours if you have a wall that can hold your radiator in a column formation. Rooms with high ceilings tend to accommodate vertical dual fuel radiators very well. You can go for any style, choose any height, width and depth to adjust to your space. Dual Fuel Column Radiators are an ultra-modern purchase for you if you seek a blend of apt BTUs output, high efficiency and modern design.

For your bathrooms and shower zones, dual fuel towel radiators are a mandatory purchase. Find them at Trade Plumbing and fetch them to treat your bathrooms and add ease to your life.