There have been many improvements in toilet design over recent years, both in terms of their function and aesthetics, so now could be the right time for you to upgrade to one that will not only look nicer within your bathroom, but could also use less water. If you're on a water meter, a properly installed and fitted dual flush system on your household toilets could save you back much more than the cost of buying and installing them.

Trade Plumbing offer the full range of toilet products you'll need, including traditional style cisterns, modern-looking close coupled cistern units and back-to-wall cistern units. A variety of styles are available, so it's easy to find something that matches the existing style of your bathroom and house. You can also upgrade the internal workings to install dual flush systems that will use less water.

Someone experienced at DIY can install a new toilet by themselves - though they'll need to be sure they're fully aware of the risks of doing plumbing work - but for peace of mind consider getting your new toilets installed by a qualified plumber. It's a quick and simple job for someone with experience, so won't require lots of disruption or cost. Installing quality new units can reduce the amount of water you use, and you could easily recoup the cost of the change in a short time.

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Buying a toilet from TradePlumbing couldn't be easier. We have a good selection of modern and traditional suites - with named brands from Ideal Standard, Lecico and RAK ceramics in our toilets section. We also sell toilet seats - with wc seats from Roper Rhodes, Carrara and Matta and some other names, too. All our toilets are delivered by pallet, to ensure a safe journey to your home.

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When refitting your bathroom, you will want to consider a number of factors.  Of course, you'll want to concentrate on aspects of luxury and pleasure - such as the look and finish of your bath or shower, along with the tiles and decorations, but if you want to be happy once the job is done, it's also vital that you think carefully about the toilet you're choosing.

Considering how many visits to the toilet we make in a day, comfort is important - what shape or size will suit you and if you have less mobility, how high is the seat?

It's also important to consider the amount of space in your bathroom.  Modern homes often suffer from a lack of square footage in the bathroom - so options you could consider include corner toilets and short projection toilets to maximise your floor space.

If you are in the luxurious position of having plenty of space in your bathroom, then today's growing trend is to fit a back to wall toilet with a concealed cistern in a vanity unit.  This hides away all the ugly pipework and makes cleaning the bathroom far simpler.

By far, the most common type of toilet sold today is the close-coupled WC pan and cistern.  Because today's flush mechanisms are more efficient, we no longer need the gravitational force of a distance between the cistern and the toilet in order to ensure a strong enough flush.