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Electric Heated Towel Rails

Electric Heated Towel Rails

Fabricated with Perfection, Delivered with Love!

Electric towel rails are fantastically convenient for your home; it does not rely on your central heating system in order to work, instead they are hooked up to your home’s electric system, requiring nothing more than a simple flick of a switch to turn on and heat up the element within to heat those towels and keep that bathroom warm.

Product Selection Guide

Electric Towel Rails are convenience and style for a modern home. They are ideal as a solution when you have a bathroom that is not served by pipes for your central heating. These are a better choice, aesthetically, than an overhead fan heater. They are also safer to use in a wet environment.

We supply all our electric heated towel rails with an electric element that is suitable for the size of towel rail you have chosen. The standard choice of electric element will heat when switched on, but does not have a variable control. A standard element is an ideal choice if you are on a budget and can work really well when fitted with a warmer timer.

We also offer our customers the option to upgrade their device to a thermostatic element. This allows you to set the maximum temperature you want to reach and the thermostat will work to keep the temperature at that level. This type of element is simple to use with plus and minus buttons and a digital display to let you know which of the five settings it is set at.

A thermostatic element is typically used in households where there are young children or the elderly, who need to be protected from scalding. We still recommend that you use a timer with your thermostatic element, as you can control the times of day that your device is heating. You can ensure that the bathroom is warm and the towels dry in time for the morning rush and the evening bathtime.

We offer a switch and backbox as an option. Your Part P registered plumber or electrician may carry these on their van, but in case you want to get everything ready, you can select one of these when buying your electric towel warmer.

Electric towel rails for bathrooms are an ideal choice for a busy home, a home that runs on electricity without central heating, en suite bathrooms and loft conversions.

Electric Towel Radiators

These can transform your bathing experience from a cold, daunting and unpleasant task into a warm and luxurious sensation. Ever stepped out of a warm bath or shower only to be confronted with damp, musty towels? You’ll never dread leaving the bath again after purchasing a cutting-edge electric towel tail from Trade Plumbing’s high-quality collection.

The main perk to this investment? Put simply, these heaters can be switched on and off at your convenience, meaning that they won’t be connected to your heating system and be running when they’re not needed. No plumbing connections are required, yet these will convey the same level of heat and energy as a centrally-powered unit. They’re ideal for families using lots of different towels and individuals that love to experience a feeling of complete luxury on an everyday basis!

Though often more expensive than the standard appliance, the flexibility and control offered by these products is second-to-none. During cold, dark winter months, it’s common for households to use their central heating systems frequently, though this often means driving up their utility bills in a bid to heat their home adequately. In summer, however, when this kind of generated warmth isn’t needed, there’s no point in wasting energy on fuelling a centrally-powered heating system just to dry out several towels. As a completely separate service, electric heated towel rails allow you to continue enjoying the comfort and luxury of pre-heated towels in an economical and cost-effective way. Many are even equipped with silencers that ensure the product makes as little noise as possible when in use and include rust inhibitors that reduce the build-up of lime scale.

How Do They Work?

As a worthwhile upgrade from traditional versions, these products contain uniquely designed elements that allow them to operate independently from your main heating system. Each electric heated towel rail shipped by Trade Plumbing includes an electric element, which can be incorporated into your rail by your chosen installer, and includes pre-installed thermal transfer fluid, which is sealed off tightly and securely with bungs. Many other rails available on the market will operate using oil-based fluid but the liquid used by us is much better for the environment and promote a longer product life.

Single heat elements ensure that it maintains a constant temperature when switched on, or you can opt for a thermostatic element with a built-in manual control, so you can turn the temperature up and down depending on the level of heat you need. All the heating elements used in our electric are self-regulating and ensure the product operates as quietly and efficiently as possible.

We’d highly recommend employing a ‘Part P’ qualified plumber and/or electrician to install your appliance, as it goes without saying that water and electricity should never be exposed in combination without professional circuiting solutions and approved equipment in place. The friendly, experienced and fully trained staff at Trade Plumbing can advise you as to the best products for your living environment should you need any further advice, so don’t hesitate to get in touch on the contact details provided. Be sure to do your research when selecting any product and take a good look at all descriptions supplied for a better idea of how the device will blend into your own bathroom.