Gas Boilers

Gas Boilers

Gas boilers Condensing and non condensing older styles

With the modern day gas boiler there is huge differences in efficiency and noise both being much better than the latter years. This is very easy to now see with the SEDBUK rating system introduced to the UK. Gas boilers for central heating system has been a big change with the huge introduction of natural gas into rural areas of the UK. The gas boiler right now is here to stay and the increased developments in efficiency and CO2 emissions will mean we can enjoy a cheap fuel source to heat our homes. Even with the gas price increases a gas boiler is still a good fuel source to use due to the easy maintenance and installation and no need for storage of the fuel and extra worries of having to keep the ordering of the fuel. Condensing Gas boilers are used in different ways in heating systems here are a few variations on offer in the market today,

Combination Gas boiler where this boiler heats the hot water and heating on demand meaning no need for any water storage or airing cupboard turn the tap on the combination gas boiler will ignite and heat the water on demand.

System Gas boiler these have a integral pressure vessel installed meaning the heating and hotwater circuit is under pressure what is a more efficient way of transferring the thermal energy under pressure these system will need a hot water cylinder and storage but can be good where there is a large family home and lots of bathrooms as they will give a better flow rate of the hot water with a unvented pressurised cylinder installed.

Oven vent Gas boiler these are the standard versions can can be called regular gas boiler they just heat the heating circuit also a cylinder and can be used with the older system where the use of a header tank is installed although they can be upgraded to a system boiler very easy with the use of a external pressure vessel and this can be a more cost effective way to create a more modern heating system also will replace older systems boilers and is a good swop if you have a older boiler in situ. The main difference is most boilers now are condensing boilers due to the better efficiency of the secondary heat exchanges what means they use the flues gases to heat the fluids in the heating system. There are some occasions you can still fit a older none condensing boiler but this you will need to consult your gas engineer