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Shower Heads

Shower Heads

Shower heads

It's easy to forget how important a good shower head can be in your bathroom. We can spend lots of money getting everything else right in the bathroom and then just choose one almost at random. It's worth spending time and comparing different shower heads to be sure that you get one that not only suits your bathroom style, but can deliver good service and a steady flow of water.

Trade Plumbing have a wide selection of different shower heads available, falling into two main types: handsets and fixed heads. There are also other accessories available for installation and ease of use.

Handsets are usually attached to a shower rail by a bracket, and can be removed to allow the water to be directed anywhere around the user's body. A handset shower head offers lots of flexibility, and can often have a variety of settings available, allowing the amount and pressure of the water to be changed for different uses, such as massage.

A fixed shower head is normally used in a standalone shower unit. It's located directly above the user and rains water down on them. While they're not as flexible as a handset, they can look a lot more stylish, and allow the shower pipes to be hidden away for a more minimalist look. Some modern ones even combine LED lighting to provide an interesting effect.

Replacing shower heads is a simple task for handsets, but can be trickier for fixed heads, depending on how much needs to be replaced. Someone competent at DIY should be able to manage it but a professional might need to be called out, especially if a lot of the workings are concealed within the wall.

Buy Shower Heads

Looking for a new Shower head? At TradePlumbing you will find a wide range of shower heads, for the public at trade prices.

Low Pressure Shower Heads

An issue that confronts many homes across the land is if you would like to install a new shower into the household is whether the water pressure is sufficient enough to cater for a new shower. If your home's water pressure is too low then it can result in that all too familiar story of water just trickling down your back in a highly unsatisfying manner.

The ideal solution for this common problem of having a low pressure water system is by purchasing a low pressure shower head. The advantage of a low pressure shower head is that a low pressure shower head can work far better than a conventional shower, as it is designed to work with homes that have low water pressure.

Trade Plumbing's range of low pressure shower heads are able to work in homes with a water pressure of 0.1 bar, this meaning that the extensive range of low pressure shower heads will enable you to enjoy a lovely and invigorating shower, even with a low water pressure.

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